Saturday, 16 August 2014

On to Skipton

We awoke this morning to the following fantastic view of the countryside.

Before commencing today’s saga I must thank those readers who responded to my query regarding the square holes in the barn wall.  I tend to go with the ventilation theory, although I accept the farmer would probably welcome owls taking up residence as it would assist in keeping the vermin population down.

Once we could see the canal (7.30) we pulled pins and headed east south  southeast towards Skipton.  Jan had a struggle with the first swing bridge, but managed the second without any difficulty.

Joneses luck, as she was opening the third bridge a Range Rover pulled up, then a Landrover, and finally a van.  We managed to navigate Waiouru through the open bridge which Jan promptly closed.  However as she was resecuring the lock with the handcuff key another vehicle went over the bridge with a bounce which resulted in her dropping the handcuff key down the side of the bridge.  My initial thought was it had been lost into the canal, but then I realized it would be on the platform under the bridge.  I managed to partially open the bridge and climb down onto the bridge foundations to recover the key.

The fourth swing bridge was just before the first water point on the way into Skipton.  No problems there.  We then seized the opportunity to top up the water tank before looking for a mooring.

It was just after 10.00am and we might have timed our arrival too early.  Fortunately there was a space on the 24 hour moorings at the entrance to the Springs Branch.

Jan had a load of washing on whilst we cruised to the water point so one of the first jobs was to erect the rotary line.  We then went for an initial quick walk around the town centre before heading to Tesco with the shopping trolley.  By the time we departed Tesco (poorer) the trolley was packed to the top with the “heavies” whilst our daypacks held the “lights”.  No sooner had Jan stowed all the vittles' than the heavens opened. A mad dash for the almost dry washing! 

Then the sky cleared and I went off to Blacks (well actually Ultimate Outdoors which has just been purchased by Blacks) where I purchased a pair of Peter Storm joggers as recommended by reader “Bill” who swears by them.  At a reduced price of £22 I’m prepared to take a risk with them.  I’m still annoyed with the expensive pair I threw away last week after discovering a ridge of glue under the innersole! Sad smile

It will take a few days to “wear them in” and I’ll never be able to go jogging in them (too heavy), but they should make a reasonable boat and general knock about shoe.

Skipton looks a rather interesting place. There are numerous narrow alleys and lanes to explore.  There’s also the castle!

I’ve already walked the length of the Springs Branch which is permanent moorings.

Initially I thought the canal had been created from a moat around the castle but apparently the castle has never had a moat.  In the 1790’s the owner of the castle decided to have the canal built around the western side of his castle so he could transport limestone from his quarries to the Leeds – Liverpool Canal.  The canal didn’t extend to the quarries and the limestone was brought via a tramway to the canal where it was loaded into narrowboats for the journey to Leeds.

Before we go exploring tomorrow we will need to find another mooring.

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