Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ice Cream

It’s Peter & Margaret’s fault (nb Kelly Louise).  They pointed out Fredrick’s Home Made Ice Cream Parlour when taking us to lunch yesterday and then went on to mention it can be reached from the canal.  This morning we cruised from Adlington to bridge 73 and moored before walking the short distance up the lane to Fredrick’s.

The map has been copied from Waterway Routes Canal Maps

There was a great selection of ice cream flavours

Jan didn’t fancy an ice cream at 10.00am but garbage guts will eat anytime.  I chose blackberry ripple and as I’m watching my figure (no one else is) I opted for a single scoop in the cone. 

We selected a one litre tub each.  That will be for desert tonight!

Our plan was to stop at Chorley and visit the supermarkets for essentials (more chocolate and pork pies).  The 24 hour mooring was in a winding hole and the edge looked rather rough so we opted instead to top up the water tank before moving on.  Of course we had no sooner started to fill the tank (very poor water pressure) when a boat arrived also wanting water.  They hoovered in the middle of the canal for what appeared to be ages waiting for us to vacate the water point mooring.  Out tank was above three quarters full before we started and yet it still took 30 minutes to top up.

There appeared to be reasonable moorings at Botany Bay but Jan decided not to stop as Margaret has given her another location to shop.  However we can now proudly claim to Australian friends that Waiouru has been to Botany Bay.

The canal had started to get more rural and then to our surprise a lock appeared.  Below the locks were some attractive canal side homes.

There were two boats coming down which meant we had to wait 20 minutes for the lock to be vacant.  As we entered the lock a boat appeared from behind us so it was with some relief we went up the flight of seven with a partner.  Two crews does make the task slightly easier and you’re not wasting water.  By the time we reached Johnston’s Hillock top lock Jan was looking rather hot.  However I’m sure the exercise is good for her Smile

The Top Lock Pub is adjacent to the lock and the smell wafting on the breeze was enough to tip the decision for a pub dinner tonight.  Jan couldn’t believe her luck. 

Our locking partner went there for lunch and afterwards commented to us that the menu was limited and suggested we might like to cruise for another hour to the next pub.  After a quick decision we decided to stay.  The batteries were at 100% and the water point is opposite.

In the afternoon I examined the inside of my eyelids and punched out ZZZZZZZ.  The mental effort of steering is quite exhausting.  Jan got on with some housework…. Good girl!

In the evening we ate at the pub.  Both of us opted for the homemade chicken, bacon and leek pie.  Delicious!  I washed it down with a pint of larger whilst Jan had an arf of Pheasant Plucker….. I kid you not!


Peter and Margaret said...

Glad you found the ice cream - our favourite local treat.

Tom and Jan said...


Marilyn McDonald said...

She's a gem, your Jan! You are a lucky, lucky man ...

Tom and Jan said...

Years of training!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Training for you or for Jan?

Tom and Jan said...

Jan of course!