Thursday, 14 August 2014

Good TV and Internet Reception

First major task of the day was a walk into Barnoldwick for some essential supplies.  Jan has been searching the internet and read about the good butcher and bakery. 

On the walk into the village I suddenly realized we were in a very famous place.

The moment was spoilt by Jan pointing out the adjacent streets were named Victoria, Albert and Jubilee!

We discovered two bakeries and opted to purchase from Lidell’s.  Jan couldn’t find the butcher she had researched however we came across S Hirst Butchers where Jan purchased two large steaks (for the next BBQ) some cumberland sausages and a kilo of mince.

Village Square

Jan then noticed the following shop and wanted a photo for FMIL.  The proprietor wasn’t too keen with us taking a photo so no purchases were made!

It was only a short cruise to Greenberfield Locks (flight of three).  Jan put on a load of washing  during the cruise and we then stopped on the water point before the top lock to replace the water.  I walked forward to set the first lock whilst the tank filled.  As I was filling the lock a hire boat arrived stopping on the lock landing.  “Great!”  I thought, “Someone to share the locks with”.  But no, they were mooring up….. On the lock landing?

It wasn’t very pleasant weather and Jan was well wrapped up in her foul weather gear.

Go girl…….

I couldn’t help notice each of the three locks had a different type of lower paddle mechanism.  The middle lock had a simple timber bar that was lifted vertically to allow water to enter the chamber.

I’d read about this mechanism and have now finally be able to use one.

At East Marton there is a double arch bridge.  Those boaters who have cruised the Shroppie will know of the famous double arch bridge with the telegraph pole.  Now we’ve seen a similar bridge.

The canal route gets rather twisted beyond East Marton with a number of tight bends.  We were just taking it steady and were amused to see a number of hireboats from Silsden Boats getting into all sorts of difficulty attempting to travel at warp speed.  In the end we called it a day mooring about a kilometre beyond East Marton. 

The mooring location appears rather rural but that hasn’t reduced the number of ramblers walking the towpath.  The location also has good TV and internet coverage.

That line of horizontal bushes in the middle of the above photo is the canal on the opposite side of the gully.  And on the top of the opposite hill is this…..

Great TV, EE and 3 signals Smile


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
You're in one of our favourite spots! You'll get used to those wooden paddle thingies (they're called cloughs) by the time you're on your way back down the other side..
Enjoy, you're in God's Country!

Tom and Jan said...

And here was me thinking I was the only one eyed boater. :-)

Just to avoid confusion. Godzone is NZ!

Lisa said...

This is still one of our very favourite canals. Us and our "Boat Sharers" David and Amanda hired together twice in two years here as we knew we were getting WaL and she would be too long. Two great trips. I actually got sunburnt one time there IMAGINE THAT!!! Have a great time and I wish you sunshine. Don't hurry.

Tom and Jan said...

3 hours daily, 5 days a week Lisa.

Just taking our time and enjoying the experience! :-)