Saturday, 23 August 2014

Aldi Moorings

One of the small projects I have been working on is to locate and create a Garmin map point for any supermarkets in close proximity to the canals.  It’s a large project so I’m taking my time.  Actually I’ll probably be leaving a request in my will for it to be completed!
There is an Asda supermarket in Shipley, but I then identified the Shipley Aldi was adjacent to the canal.  A high row of trees on the off-side bank obscures it from the canal.  The following map shows the general location.  We moored on the 7 day moorings at Salts Wharf which we found very good from a security aspect.  They are on the off-side and surrounded by commercial offices which provide good security lighting.  There is no nearby residential housing and no through access.  The same cannot be said for the 24 hour moorings adjacent to Aldi.
CRT’s Gallows Bridge 24 Hour Mooring is also on the off-side and is adjacent to a footbridge across the canal.  Access to the mooring is from the southern end of the footbridge.  There is significant foot traffic crossing the footbridge.
In the photo below you can see the 24 hour mooring.  There is probably only room for one 60’ boat.  A set of steps takes you down to a roadway behind the mooring (right arrow) there is also a locked gate leading to long term moorings at the left end of the CRT mooring (left arrow).  There is another access gate (low and unlocked) at the western end of the mooring which it just out of sight at the right end of the photo.
These are the steps and gate from the footbridge to the mooring (photo below).  This gate doesn’t provide much security.
This is the view from the minor road (alleyway) behind the mooring.  As you can see in the photo there is a high stone wall and full height gate leading to the 24 hour mooring.  The gate was open but I noticed it had a padlock which didn’t use the BW key.  I suspect the long term moorers probably lock this gate in an effort to provide some increased security.
The following Google Earth screen dump shows the two available routes from the mooring to Aldi.  Obviously the full height gate immediately behind the mooring is the shortest route.
Irrespective of the route you take you will need to either carry your items up or down steps.  There is also a Scottish restaurant besides Aldi for those who like that type of food!
Off towards Leeds tomorrow…… weather permitting!

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