Sunday, 6 July 2014

Waggon & Horses

It seemed rather pointless to moor in an area with a poor mobile phone coverage and we therefore decided to move up four locks to higher ground (slightly) and be closer to a built-up area.  In this case we’re now on the 5 Day mooring near Womborne.  For some subconscious reason it makes me think of Wombles!

Jan had gone forward to prepare Swindon Lock and I finished untying the bow line.  I was about to release the stern line when a boat came around the corner behind us.  Oh well, we’re not in a hurry and I wasn’t going to frantically pull out in front.  Bad decision!  Mr Grumpy wasn’t in the mood to help anyone, including the single hander ahead.  Locks can be slow going when everyone decides not to help each other.  Never mind, we’re not in a hurry….

The journey took us through two single locks and the staircase (2) at Botterham Locks.  There was a long wait at the bottom of the lock whilst Mr Grumpy Mk I didn’t cooperate with Mr Grumpy Mk II who was coning down.  Mr Grumpy Mk II claimed Mk I had turned the lock in his face, hence the non cooperation.  Life’s too short to be bothered by all of this.  We had our own problem in the lock when the middle gates wouldn’t open.  The top gates were leaking so badly that the top lock wouldn’t empty.  The problem was compounded by one of the middle gate paddles being unserviceable.  We eventually raised and lowered the leaking top paddle which appeared to clear the obstruction that was preventing it from fully closing. 

Botterham Staircase Locks

Our Pearsons Guide doesn’t show it but there is a Sainsbury’s beside the canal adjacent to Wombourne Bridge.  On the opposite side of the canal is the Waggon & Horses pub.

The lines in the brickwork are too vertical and horizontal for it to be an old pub.  Probably one of a chain.  We wandered over for the Sunday roast lunch.  Jan chose the beef and I had the roast pork.  She chose wisely! Smile

We have a record of all the supermarkets near the canals.  Much of the information was in the public domain but in TomTom format.  I managed to convert the data to Garmin but in doing so some of the accuracy was lost.  Actually the locations can be inaccurate by half a kilometre.  As we cruise along I’m correcting and updating the data.

Our niece has delivered the msata SSD so I can feel a computer “nerdy” post coming on about how to modify the laptop.

Meanwhile, we’ll go back to Sainsbury’s tomorrow morning for a food shop before continuing up the Staffs & Worcs towards Autherley Junction.

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