Thursday, 17 July 2014

Steam Train

It must be our stomachs!  We have yet to find a fish & chip outlet we enjoy.  Both of us gave up trying to eat the meal from the Audlem “Chippy”.  The food contained too much fat for our delicate stomachs.  Digesting all that fat saw Jan punching out zzzzzzzz’s by mid evening whilst I flaked in my chair like a lizard in the sun.

This morning I was half woken by a local steam train passing through Audlem.  I knew it had pulled out of the station because I heard the distinct sound of a steam whistle.  My confused and drowsy mind went into overload attempting to recall the location of the Audlem railway station?  It wasn’t until later that the alert partner in this relationship mentioned she had taken several photos of steam boat “President” and butty “Kildare” as they went past.

Jan has been doing a sterling job with her cheap digital Samsung camera, but we’ve decided on an upgrade.  Something with a more powerful zoom lens.

After sleeping on it overnight Jan went back to Audlem Mill and bought the cross stitch pattern she had been fondling caressing the previous day.  We did a quick trip to the Co-op for bread and Jan’s weekly magazines before moving down to the water point outside the “Shroppie Fly”.  Whilst I took off with the camera, Jan went to the pub to looked at the menu.  I returned to find her weeping over our choice of last night’s dinner.  Apparently the Shroppie Fly would have been a much better option! Sad smile

nb Silver Fern was moored in the pound between locks 14 and 15.  Another kiwi connection?

It was only a short cruise to the excellent SUCS moorings at Coole Pilate.  The big decision for the day was whether to BBQ for lunch or dinner.  In the end we made the correct decision opting for lunch.

There’s now only enough Rugby steak and Braunston sausages in the freezer for one more meal. Sad smile 

We acquired a lunch companion when someone’s friendly golden laborador arrived volunteering to eat any fat or gristle from the Scottish Highland steak.

In the afternoon Jan got up close and personal with the shower whilst I rubbed down the stern deck and starboard side of the cockpit, before applying another topcoat.  The damned local insects then decided to suicide on my wet paint.  After I’d finished we had a couple of spells of lightly rained.  My wet paint…….. Why me lord?


Marilyn McDonald said...

Tom, you have answered your own question re why you in previous posts - you are not a skilful brush-hand. Why have you not yet enticed Jan to show you how it should be done? I am concerned that you do not have enticing skills either ... Jan is clearly the partner with the fine finger movement skills - successful technique I think is to get her to show you how it should be done. In other words, appeal to her desire to have you learn well having been shown by an expert.
Cheers, M

Tom and Jan said...

I think all of this would be better coming directly from you to Jan. I've tried for the last 42 years without success. Would you like a photo of the scars? :-)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Mmmm, always interested in evidence of pain, esp in men ...

Oakie said...

Believe me, you would not have been better off at The Shroppie Fly. Mediocre food and both beers - all two of them were off! Passed you several times and should have stopped off to say hello. You photographed me a couple of years ago on Nuneaton towing Brighton when you were on the bank at Reading Marine fitting out your boat. http:\\

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Oakie

You should have introduced yourself. But there will be another opportunity. Thanks for the info on the Shroppy fly and also the blog link. you're now on our blog roll.
We look forward to meeting you!