Saturday, 19 July 2014


Well the Samsung saga continues.  At least it is keeping my mind active!

Today we received an email from Anisa Ishaq at Samsung UK.  It was exactly the same message “In regards to your query, as informed previously, you would be required to contact Samsung in Saudi Arabia to have the device repaired”  It’s rather obvious they are not interested in helping me with a Samsung product that was purchased outside the UK.  I’ve sent an email to Samsung Saudi Arabia describing the problem and asking them to arrange support in the UK.  A reply was received this afternoon asking me to phone them to discuss the problem.  You can guess what happens next……. “Please send us the phone!”

This morning we visited Crewe and the phone worked.  My guess is the damned phone will work in most major centres.  I suspect it has a weak internal aerial (weaker than our other Samsung phones).  Never mind, I’m retired and have plenty of time to annoy the hell out of Samsung.

The plan for today was to purchase a digital camera for Jan.  Something small and light but with a good zoom function as she wants to take quick photos whilst we cruise.  After some research she had selected a Panasonic Lumix TZ40.  Well initially it was going to be the TZ35 which was GBP20 cheaper but then I realised it didn’t have wifi. 

I then remembered Paul the Croc had blogged about a camera they had purchased and were very happy with.  So I suggested to Jan she should check the make and model of the camera Paul & Elaine had bought.  She thinks it’s the same camera!  Bloody Aussies ahead of us…. Bet they paid more!

We purchased the camera from PC World because it was on special.  The sales assistant did a good job, but couldn’t convince us to buy an SD storage card or case.  We already have a spare 16GB (Cl10) card.  Jan is going to look in the 99p and Poundland shops for a case.


Elly and Mick said...

Lol. It's a good camera Tom. I've got one too!
Elly :)

Alf said...

I always reckon that if I get messed around by the call centres, I go straight to the top. see the Wikipedia entry for details of the head man !

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alf,
Yes I could do that but I like to slow roast my meat :-)

Paul and Elaine said...

Hi Guys
Great camera, other bloggers who have bought that camera, Briar Rose,Yarwood Amy Jo to name a few.
I have dropped mine so many times now but because the case is aluminium it is battered and bruised but working fine.

David said...

Hi Tom
Got one as well and it's proving to be a good one but I'm no expert. Wondering why the lens cover in photo does not seem to be fully closed.