Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lazy Day… well not quite!

Because we moved yesterday (Sunday) we decided to remain moored today.  Jan went off to the nearby Sainsbury’s and was gone for so long it was starting to seem like it was permanent.  A quick check to ensure all the credit cards were on the boat indicated it was probably temporary and she later admitted it was far more interesting browsing the aisles without me hovering over her shoulder and nudging with the trolley to keep moving.

Meanwhile, back at the boat I masked up around the red paint in the cockpit before lightly sanding in preparation for a new topcoat of Craftmaster red.  I must have twisted the wrong way because my back went (yet again) and I suddenly found myself hunched over and waddling like an old man.  Despite this I managed to get a first replacement coat of red onto the boat successfully finishing it to my usual poor standard.  After two years of attempting to paint and trying several methods I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no talent for painting.  Jan subsequently went around with a rag removing all the red spots off the grey paint. 

Whilst I went off to straighten out my back on the bed and examine the inside of my eyelids Jan chatted with other moored boaters and the locals then did some spring cleaning of the cupboards.  Later she went back to keeping those idle hands busy by doing more of her knitting.  She’s onto the last piece of the cardigan.

The bed removed some of the kinks.  By late afternoon the back was feeling slightly better.  This enabled me to sit at the laptop and work at correcting the gps database of UK supermarkets I’ve been compiling.  I managed to find a database to download but it was in TomTom format.  Unfortunately the data became inaccurate when the software program (GPSBabel) converted it to Garmin format.  I now have to manually correct the locations of all the UK supermarkets on the electronic map.  I can see this is going to keep me amused for several weeks.

Now it has started to lightly rain.  Will the new paint ‘bloom’?  The boaters behind are still sitting in their folding chairs on the towpath.  What is it that the Goons said about the English “The rain is lovely and warm for this time of year!”

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