Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Italian Driver

We stopped at the water point just north of Lymm to top up the tank.  As previously mentioned on an earlier post there are very few facilities and Jan wanted to responsibility dispose of the rubbish.  So there we were waiting for the tank to fill and what does Jan see across the field.

So near and yet so far!

A local lady on the bank was really pleased to see us.  So much that she looked like she was about to loose her knickers.

On the outskirts of Sale we caught up with a really REALLY slow boater.  He had the Italian racing car driver approach to boating “What is behind me is not important!”.  We continued at less than tick-over with me constantly knocking Waiouru out of gear.  He even took his boat out of gear to read his map!  Eventually after several miles he glanced back and then nearly suffered from whiplash as he took a second glance to see our bow fender less than a boat length behind.  I suppose I could have sounded the horn,but we’re not working to a timetable.

Both of us noticed the old Linotype Works building on the approach to Sale.  Jan’s eye had been drawn the the architecture whilst I had noticed the date (1897).

We stopped and moored just beyond Broadheath Bridge where Geoff (nb Seyella) had left a comment mentioning there was a nearby B&Q.  There’s a reasonable size retail park here which also has an Aldi supermarket.  We shopped at Aldi before visiting B&Q for that 3.5mm HSS bit and then went to Halfords for another 5L of engine oil.

After lunch we headed down the long straight which passes through Sale. 

Towards the far end was an interesting looking pub.  We couldn’t help be amused by the “No Mooring” sign on the pub which was partially obscured by the floating pontoon moored in front of the pub being used as a outdoor dining area.

Around the corner was an animal rescue centre with a sign stating “Animals by Appointment Only”.  Both of us imagined a ringing phone and when answered the voice at the far end exclaiming woof woof!  Smile

We turned left at Stretford Waters Meeting.and cruised down to the ringed moorings outside the Trafford Centre.  The area didn’t look residential and we thought it might be a reasonably quiet location.  About an hour later an adult male and three children (ages 10-7) walked down the towpath.  The children kicked stones against the side of the boat and then jumped on the gunwale.  I went outside to find out what was going on and the adult (looked to be the father) just smiled at us as they wandered off.  It was obvious from our expressions that we weren’t pleased.  Then the children did the same thing on the way back.  I shouted in my best parade ground voice “Get off the boat!” Probably not the best move because the phrase was then repeated by the children before another stone hit the boat.  Now angry I grabbed the camera and went outside to take their photo.  The adult immediately pulled the hoodie over his head and turned his back to me.  We could probably trace the children if required, but I suspect that at their age it will be the last we see of them.  If they were older it might be a different story.


Peter and Margaret said...

Ah those lovely intelligent and polite types you meet up North. Not that we are all like that of course, but I have to say this will not be your last encounter. Choose your overnight stops carefully while up here.

Narrowboat QISMA said...

When you get to Worsley lovely walks in the woods. We frozen in there for 8 weeks winter 2010! First At the Sani station then made it in 3 hours across to the Dry Dock and camped on a mooring left by a boat frozen in Manchester. Lovely people at the dock.

Geoff and Mags said...

Shame about your encounter at the Trafford Centre.
We've moored there several times without bother. Maybe have to rethink next time...
Worsley's Ok, we often moor in the trees on the offside before the marina north of Worsley.
Good moorings just south of Plank Lane give you access to Pennington Flash.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Geoff

I wouldn't let one reported minor incident deter you from mooring outside the Trafford Centre!