Friday, 25 July 2014

“If that’s……. I’m a Monkey’s Uncle”

A common kiwi expression of disbelief.  Jan has pointed out I’ve recently started to use it frequently when commenting about passing boaters ‘tick-over’ speed.  She thinks I’m shortly going to be addicted to bananas and peanuts!

What’s the hurry?  OK… I can understand the hirers.  They either don’t know, or are working to a very optimistic timetable.  The private owners should know better and my guess is 50% of them would grumble if they were moored and on the receiving end.

I suspect the lesson we should take from this is to be away from popular canals during school holidays.  But then most of the boaters look old, wrinkly and grey like us!

We continued our slow cruise north passing a new marina under construction just south of the existing Orchard Marina.

The towpath has been diverted to allow walkers to cross the new marina entrance bridge.  The finger jetties appear to be constructed but the area has yet to be watered.  You can see some of the concrete entrance walls in the above photo.  Obviously all the earth in the foreground will need to be removed.

Continuing north we noticed a large rubber tyred straddle crane at Wincham Wharf which is obviously used to move boats in and out of the canal and around the yard.

I assume it’s a former container crane that has found another life.  I think I’d be more comfortable with this lifting Waiouru rather than some of the very old looking cable operated jib cranes we’ve seen during our travels.

At Upton Marina we stopped on the CRT moorings to dispose of the rubbish and fill the water tank.  There was good water pressure and our halt was therefore brief.  For a moment I contemplated washing down the roof of the boat but then two other boats suddenly appeared wanting water.

We changed our minds about mooring around the Anderton Lift Bridge and continued on mooring just short of Barnton Tunnel.  I walked the short distance up the hill to Barnton finding a Kebarb shop, Chinese Takeaway, Pharmacy/Post Office, Charity Shop and three hairdressers!  The good people of Barnton must be exceptionally hairy?

The batteries are at 100% (or thereabouts), the dot has been found and the last of the Braunston Bangers are grilling in the pan.  What more could you ask for?

More cruising tomorrow.


Richard said...

Hi Tom
Where are you aiming for?
NB Pendle Warter

Diane and Ray said...

So no coming down to the River Weaver for you this time. What a shame it's lovely down here : )

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Richard,

We are heading for Wigan and then hopefully down to Liverpool before crossing to Leeds and York.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Diane & Ray,

No unfortunately! We want to get the long Pennines part done this year. We plan to do the Weaver, Runcorn, Lancaster another year.

Enjoy yourselves!

Wellswebcam said...

Hi Tom & Jan,

Thats me read up to date. As I subscribed from here so had the daily updates.
Been a great tale from the Ben Harp thriller until now.
Keep up the good work.
I have just noticed I only read from the post boat specifications Oct 18th 2010, so I have to back track a few to say I've read the whole blog start to finish.
Happy cruising in Yorkshire.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade

Congratulations.... You should have died of boredom! :-)