Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Boring bit and a surprise

We slipped away from Birmingham this morning after briefly stopping to do a large shop at Tesco.  The route took us via Sherborne Wharf which always looks attractive when we pass through it.

The first part of the cruise was quite familiar having done it last week on our way to ‘The Old Main Line’.  This time we continued on past Smethwick Junction to find, as we anticipated, the Engine Arm Aqueduct.  When we crossed it last week I had assumed it was made from bricks.  However that’s obviously not the case.

It appears to be made from a number of ornate cast iron girder arches which contain a cast iron trough.

Two bridges further on is Galton Bridge which has a similar design to the aqueduct.

Shortly thereafter we reached Stewards Aqueduct where the Old Main Line crosses the New Main Line.  Last week we took a photo looking down at the New Main Line and today we did the reverse.

Immediately behind Stewards Aqueduct are the towering concrete supports for the M5 motorway bridge.  You might notice the approaching boat.  It was one of only three we saw today.

The canal starts to get boring after Pudding Green Junction.  This is where we joined the New Main Line last year after completing the Tame Valley Canal.  Turning at Dudley Port Junction we approached Netherton Tunnel.

Ray & Diane (nb Ferndale) had informed us a couple of weeks ago that the tunnel was high and wide.

Yes, we pass under the Old Main Line before entering the tunnel.  It’s almost 3km long but fortunately dry (above) except for the ventilation shafts.  It is amusing how one’s assumptions can be proven to be so wrong.  I had anticipated an industrial landscape at the far end only to discover we had arrived in the middle of parklands with many of the local residents out walking and enjoying the sunshine.

The canal to Hawne Basin to the left and Boshboil Branch to the right with the CRT facilities (water point) in the middle of the above photo.

The battery gauge was at 100% and so we decided to call it a day.

Looking back

After looking at the map there is at least one lock to do tomorrow…… and maybe quite a few more.  Will we be pleasantly surprised by the scenery?


Narrowboat QISMA said...

Can't remember how many years ago we had that same surprise Tom a lovely spot.

Narrowboat QISMA said...

Can't remember how many years ago we had that same surprise Tom a lovely spot.