Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Tumble

Jan took a tumble yesterday evening when she stepped backwards onto uneven ground.  She gracefully fell out of sight with her new camera in one hand and purse in the other.  I scurried around the other side to find her like an inverted turtle.  With my bad back it was quite a struggle to get her upright.  All she was concerned about was the damned camera; whereas I was worried about her!  She has injured her left wrist and has cuts on her right arm  It appears to be a sprain rather than a fracture but still creates quite a problem.  Cleaning the toilet can be delayed but I really wanted the self pump-out done today.  Obviously it will have an impact on the meals.  I’m prepared to make some of my ‘one pot’ Weetbix stew but for some reason Jan has refused to countenance the idea. She sent me off to Sainsbury’s to shop for a cooked chicken.  I assumed it was for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately Sainsbury’s didn’t have any but I managed to substitute it for custard doughnuts.  Jan doesn’t see the logic in this decision.  The major problem is the locks on Monday.  I suspect she’s going to struggle doing them with one hand.  Plenty of morale support will be required.

Our 48 hours were up so we moved on.  Both of us noticed some of the boats had been on the moorings when we arrived. We headed off between showers stopping at Nantwich Canal Centre for a pump out.  The attendant made the comment that we must have a large tank because it’s usually empty by now.  I mumbled something and then changed the subject.  It was another very good pump out and Waiouru’s stern is now a couple of inches higher.   We then moved forward to the CRT water point which turned out to be a very slow filler.  We should have remembered this from last time.  Actually it took so long that there was time to wash down the side of the boat.  I took pity on Jan with her wrist and did it all myself.

Now moored just north of Nantwich enjoying the pleasure of being bashed against the “Shroppie Shelf” by boaters in a hurry.  It’s only for one night!


Looking back

PS.  Jan managed to cook a light dinner and I think the doughnuts were a hit!


nb AmyJo said...

Hope Jan's wrist is OK and she's not in too much pain. Perhaps getting her to wash the other side of Waiouru would take her mind off the it :-)
Seriously though we do hope it gets better soon. Our best wishes to you you Jan.
Next time try the Chocolate doughnuts. Every knows the lady loves chocolate!

Judith Emery said...

Glad I'm notthe only one who falls over,usually i trip up steps. Hope its not too painful and soon heals,milk it a bit though and get Tom to wait on you a bit. Hope your camera and purse were ok. Daughter Helen had a baby girl Eliza Jane on 2nd July at 3.02am weighing in at 7lb 8oz. We are hoping to go back to Serena on Wednesday then make our way south for a wedding in September.
Judith &John..

Geoff and Mags said...

Hey, Tom, you're all heart. Good job that new camera's OK...