Monday, 2 June 2014

Situational Unaware …..

Darwin’s theory came to mind as a Willow Wren hire boat passed us yesterday evening full of young people soaking up copious quantities of brown fluid.  Actually we had previously noticed them at lunch time moored in front of The Boathouse and imbibing the pub’s products.  They were a very vocal and merry crew.  However the most noticeable feature as they sped by at a very fast tick-over was the disposable BBQ burning away nicely on the only available flat area aboard…… The gas locker hatch cover!  Maybe it will be more than the sausages that get incinerated…..

I wonder if we have so “nannied” society these days that people are simply “situational unaware” and fail to consider the potential consequences of their actions.  Then if something does go wrong the majority fail to accept responsibility blaming anyone but themselves!  Perhaps this is one reason why we read of so many young western adults dying in a 3rd world country as a result of a stupid decision?

The painting from yesterday looks better but the brush marks are still slightly visible.  I tried using T-Cut on the bow hatch cover and whilst it has removed the faded paint the cover still looks chipped and scratched.  Obviously it will need to be repainted.

Today’s walk had me going in three different directions with Braunston as the hub.

The first circuit was towards Willoughby which is an interesting small village that has a recorded history going back to the Doomsday Book.  It also has a historical link to the canal with a long gone wharf on the Oxford Canal.

The footpath took me through fields of long grass until I reached an area immediately prior to Willoughby.  At that point the grass became manicured.  Then I realised it was a lawn (turf) farm.

The spire of Braunston church in the distance.  The grass was so well cut I (almost) felt the need to remove my boots when walking across it.

The Rose Inn at Willoughby

As I was making my way back towards Braunston I was joined by a Fox Terrier who seemed very keen to accompany me.  Eventually i heard distant cries and turned around to see a lady struggling to catch me.  The Fox Terrier was very disappointed when her owner insisted she return home.

Foxy and owner head back across the fields

I walked up through Braunston Village and then turned left down another public footpath that isn’t shown on the Open Street Map (OSM).  The footpath headed north towards Barby.

This farmer has done an excellent job of marking the public footpath across his fields

Walking back I could see the church spire on the right with the footpath heading south-east.

My route took me back through Braunston and down to the bottom lock where another section of footpath had me going due south.  I missed a post and ended up at the farmer’s gate.  He has an almost new (18 months) large two storey house on the top of the hill with spectacular views to the north.  I did mention to him that the house looked exposed and did he suffer from the wind.  Apparently they almost always suffer!  The price of having a great view.

Walking back I passed nb Windsong on the water point and had a quick couple of words with Pip.  Windsong was being fitted out when we visited Beacon Boats.  Next I passed nb Sanity Again having a slightly longer chat with Bruce and Sheila.  I’d not long arrived back at Waiouru when Stephen and Julie of nb Greyfisher passed us.  We last saw them at Aldermaston Wharf in early 2013.

Last night for us on the Braunston mooring as we need to start making our way north.


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely pics Tom. I've only ever tried walking through that field in early march when it was mostly mud up to ankles!
Speaking of Darwin, have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards which grant first through tenth place to the person who does the stupidist thing? First place goes to some whose action is so stupid it has removed them from the gene pool. You can Google it. Some of the tales are quite funny.
Hugs to you and Jan,

Tom and Jan said...

That's no way to talk about Aussies! :-)