Friday, 6 June 2014

Roses and an Agro Swan

We were away at 8.00am this morning passing Rue at Armada Boat Hire who called out that he had read the blog and gave us a thumbs up.  I guess that means he enjoys this drivel!  Late yesterday we decided not to stop at Lime Farm Marina for fuel.  After checking the tank we realised there was plenty of fuel for another couple of months.  We should easily make Wheaton Ashton……

The length of canal around Bridge 34 (Brinklow Road) is rather attractive with overhanging trees. It’s obviously the territory of mum and dad swan with their four cygnets.  The cob was very aggressive pecking at the stern button and puffing himself up.

Further on there is a small car park followed by several moorings.

We had already decided not to top up the water tank at Newbold as we were planning to call into the chandlery at Roses Narrowboats.  The water point is just beyond the ‘narrows’ with the swing footbridge.  It’s a very slow filler giving us ample time to wander around the chandlery.  I managed to buy a spare alternator belt and some Sikaflex 221.

The Sikaflex is to secure the galley glass splashback.  I want a particularly strong adhesive and it had to be coloured black.  The damned stuff was £14.99 a tube so that’s another grandchild sold. 

Eventually the tank filled and we headed towards Hawkesbury Junction (aka Sutton’s Stop).  Near Ansty we came head on with a boat going in the opposite direction. It was an obscured, tight bend and the other boat was in the middle of the canal going fast.  I pressed the horn button to warn him we were there but the damned horn didn’t work (note to myself to apologise to Daniel when the horn didn’t work for him).  He pushed us into the overhanging trees which filled the open cratch with leaves and vegetation.  We then met a second boat on a bend at bridge 15.  I was able to go heavily into reverse and avoid a collision.  This resulted in an unexpected bonus.  If one of our readers is missing their stripped PJ bottoms we have them……. carefully wrapped…… around the prop!

They are now a religious relic being very holy

Waiouru picked up speed and steered better once her pyjama bottom had been removed and we cruised on to Hawkesbury Junction without any other exciting moments.  We’re now moored on the 7 day moorings short of the stop lock.  The weather forecast for the weekend is bleak which means we’re not likely to move again until Monday.

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