Thursday, 5 June 2014

Recognised Boaters

There was a pause in the liquid sunshine around 11.00am this morning which resulted in us making the decision to move to Newbold ready for tomorrow’s delivery.  Before we left I went back to PCWorld to return the HDMI cable they sold us yesterday when we purchased the TV and FreeSat box.  The customer service executive (shop assistant) had informed us we would need to buy a cable to connect the box to the TV but when I opened the Freesat cardboard box I discovered a HDMI cable was included.  Why the change…….. Jan has decided the original TV is too large.  Consequentially we have a surplus 32” LCD TV with inbuilt FreeView and FreeSat Tuners.  There is no stand as we had it on a wall bracket.  Any offers….?   Sorry, you’ll have to arrange to collect it.

As we cruised into Newbold we noticed nb Serena.  Judith gave us a wave from the window as we glided past.  There was a vacant 48 hour mooring immediately behind nb Sanity Again.  I think we’re becoming stalkers!

The maintenance task for the day was to strip down and service/repair the smaller of the dehumidifiers.  We’ve now used it during the last 3 winters and Jan said it had stopped working.

First task was to pull it apart.  Four screws on the back and two underneath.

The dehumidifier works on a bimetallic principle. An electric charge is run through two different metals.  Depending upon the polarity the metal either gets hot or cold.  In this case it gets cold.  The problem was rather obvious…… Dust!

This is the inside surface of the inlet vents.  They are coked with lint and dust.

There is a small computer fan on the reverse that unclips.

All the components just need a good clean.  Fortunately an old toothbrush is exactly the right size to reach all those small nooks and cranny's. 

Once it was reassembled I plugged it in and tested it.  Everything was fine apart from a slight rumbling from the fan.  That’s probably not unexpected given its been run 24/7 for three winters. 

Oh yes…… It works by sucking in warm moist air through the front grill .  The fan pulls the air over the chilled metal fins which cools the air causing condensation on the fins.  The moisture then drips down into the small tank and the dry air is expelled through the top vent.

There was a knock on the side of the boat mid afternoon.  Standing in the rain was John from nb Serena.  He was there to inform us Judith had the kettle on and that they were now moored in front of Sanity Again.  I managed to elbow Jan out of pole position and scrambled to get my boots on.  Don’t know how, but Jan managed to get on board Serena before me. 

Moored behind Serena was nb Tranquilty. It’s a self managed shared ownership boat

They were in the process of heading off so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to chat to the crew.  I thin it’s Lin but I’m still attempting to work out her partners name so I can finalize the name on our blog list?

Judith and John were a mine of boating information and we’ve picked up a few gems.  A couple of new locations for cheap diesel and some ideas on winter mooring locations.

The glass splashback is being delivered outside the Barley Mow pub tomorrow.  We’ve been told the delivery will occur sometime between 8.00am and 6.30pm.  Poor Jan, I hope she doesn’t get too cold and wet waiting around in the rain!  I must remember to take her the occasional hot cuppa.

Jan here…… If you think this is a joke dream on


kevin t said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

What a pleasant surprise to see Tranquility on your blog. We're Kevin and Linda, I'm the Engineering Manager for the syndicate, but we're not on board this week, not until late September.

We're currently based at Wigrams so if you're in the Braunston/Napton area we might meet up.

Keep up the good work with the blog, there's always something of technical interest happening aboard Waiouru.

Best regards,

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kevin,

Well that explains why the couple on board looked slightly puzzled by our appearance and comments. :-) But at last I can add the missing name to our blog list!
Unfortunately we may not met this time as we're about to head north for our summer cruising season.