Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Goodbye Nuneaton

There was time for a walk back into Nuneaton for some essential shopping before heading further north.  First stop was the local Three Mobile shop where we enquired about having our existing SIM card clipped down to micro SD size so it will fit the in the Galaxy S4.  The sales assistant kindly did that for use at no charge and also gave us a small plastic adapter should we want to refit the micro SIM card back into the original phone.  She also asked us what plan we were on.  We’re on “The One Plan” which gives us unlimited internet data along with 200 minutes and 2000 text messages every month.  This didn’t stop her attempting to interest us in a Three special where you purchase a Samsung 8” tablet that gives you 15GB of data each month.  All this for £25 per month over 24 months.  Why would we want to pay £800 for an 8” tablet when we already have unlimited data?  I guess she has to try!

Jan was able to purchase some wool from a shop in the Abbeygate Arcade and we then went to Sainsbury’s to top up the pantry.  By the time we returned to Waiouru the rain had stopped and the sun was out.  I made a telephone call to Springwood Haven Marina regarding our Victron Combi to see if it would be possible to speak with their resident expert when we passed on our way north.  It was his first day back at work and he was busy, but I was informed they would attempt to free up a few minutes from his schedule.  Jan had previously used the services of the marina Victron engineer on the recommendation of Sue (nb No Problem) after Jan had a problem with Waiouru’s 240V supply.  [Thanks Sue!]

We departed Nuneaton without any regrets and will probably attempt to avoid mooring there when we are next on this part of the Coventry Canal. Once we had managed to leave Nuneaton behind the scenery started to get interesting. The canal follows a contour line and is high enough to get views across the countryside to the east.  Springwood Haven Marina is in an attractive location.

We were able to moor immediately in front of the office/chandlery and went for a look around the latter whilst waiting on the engineer.

Unfortunately they didn’t have the correct sized belt for the Beta alternator but I did manage to top up the water tank whilst waiting.  The engineer showed me how to start the Victron doing an equalizing charge on the battery bank.  He did it exactly how I had previously attempted to do but to my chagrin he was successful.  He attempted to console me by telling me that it often takes him several attempts to get the Victron to start the cycle.

No payment was requested but we left them a donation before departing. 

The canal from the marina to Atherstone was very attractive and with some amusement I mentioned to Jan that we had previously been this way in 2007 when we hired from Wigrams Turn and did the Warwickshire Ring but travelled in the opposite direction.  I remember much of the route but not the section of canal we travelled today.  Jan told me I should feel grateful that I can’t remember the canal as it makes the journey more interesting.

We are now on the 7 day moorings in Atherstone immediately before the top lock.  Our first impression of Atherstone is it’s everything Nuneaton isn’t!


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Tom,
I believe we'll be doing the section you are on when we bring AmyJo North to Chester so am reading with interest :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Steve

We are going to turn left at Fazley and head towards Birmingham, whereas I assume you will continue north towards Fradley Junction and then Great Haywood?

nb AmyJo said...

Yes that's what we're thinking then possibly head down to Altherley junction to pick up the Shroppie there as we've done the T&M a few times