Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Glass Splashback–Day 2

The Sikaflex had gone off (set) on the two large pieces of glass Jan and I had fitted yesterday.  I then discovered the small piece of rectangular glass that will fit under the port side hatch actually wont.  It’s a nats nagger too long <grrrrrr>.  I can either chisel a sliver of timber off the end of the timber moulding or sand the end of the moulding removing a millimetre.  As I don’t have a chisel it will obviously be the harder sanding option!

The external edges of the three remaining pieces of glass were then masked.  I must state that we are not that impressed with the quality of the adhesion of the pale blue paint on the rear of the glass.  I was informed the glass was painted and then fired for a second time to toughen the glass.  I expected this process to bond the paint to the glass but this hasn’t happened.  Fortunately this wont be an issue once the glass is glued in place because the paint is on the reverse and will be protected. 

The second piece of glass for the starboard side was then turned over and Sikaflex applied to the reverse.

The glass was then carefully pressed into position.  The next step was to run a length of masking tape along the granite bench top below the long piece of glass fitted yesterday.

This now marks the edges of the gap underneath the piece of glass.  It is going to be filled with black Sikaflex to provide a strong, flexible and waterproof bond. 

I used the caulking gun to apply a thick bead of Sikaflex and then used my index finger to smooth the Sikaflex removing any surplus adhesive.  Dipping my finger in white spirits made it easier to create a smooth surface on the adhesive.  If I hadn’t done this the Sikaflex would have “dragged”.  You need plenty of rags during this step because it’s very easy to contaminate yourself with adhesive.

Once satisfied with the finished surface the masking tape was carefully peeled away leaving a clear, sharp edge.

Tomorrow I’ll seal the bottom edge of the piece of glass we fitted today.

Jan hasn’t decided whether she wants the piece of glass splashback fitted to the oven bulkhead (top red arrow in the following photo).  I also need to fit the glass under the side hatch (bottom right arrow)

Obviously I also need to seal the vertical joints and the tops of all the glass panels. The Sikaflex sealing of the bottom edges between the granite and the glass also needs to be completed.  There’s at least 3 days work left to do!


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Why are the 13A sockets upside down?

Alf said...

Have you got an angle grinder, if so that'll make short work of the "sanding" !

Tom and Jan said...

You're ahead of the story, :-)

No angle grinder. Just paper and elbow grease!