Thursday, 19 June 2014

Glass splashback – Day 3

We needed to make a decision whether to fit the 5th piece of glass.  Do we leave the bulkhead timber (top right arrow in the photo below) or fit the glass.

The bulkhead has one of the galley light switches on it and it didn’t align with the hole in the glass.  We made the decision to fit the glass which then involved moving the switch.

The only tool I had capable of doing anything in this situation was the drill and so I mangled a larger hole.  It doesn’t really matter because the glass covers this side and on the other is the oven cavity.  The glass was then masked up and glued in place.

I then refitted the light switch.

The other piece of glass which fits under the side hatch proved to be more of a problem.  It didn’t fit and I needed to remove 2mm off the end of the oak moulding.

This would be a relatively simple task if I could run it through a powered drop saw; or even if I had a chisel.  The only thing I could do was sand it back and it took a significant amount of time and elbow grease.  But finally the last piece fitted.  It was then a matter of masking up the glass and securing it in place with the Sikaflex.

So that’s all the glass fitted.

Starboard side

I now need to mask up the timber and granite bench top to finish the sealing of the edges.

Maybe tomorrow……. Maybe!

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Dave Smith said...

Is the reason your sockets are upside down because you're from 'down under'? :)
Enjoy the blog btw