Sunday, 8 June 2014

Giant Swan

I thought I’d start with an observation for any overseas readers……. The rain is lovely and warm for this time of year! Smile Having looked at the weekend weather forecast yesterday we decided cruising on Saturday and Sunday was not on the agenda.  Strangely we woke to dry and mild conditions.  I even managed to walk to the Tesco near Ricoh Stadium and buy some essential supplies without getting wet.  As I got off Waiouru I noticed an old shopping trolley and bundle of rags on the grass adjacent to the towpath.  Just as I was getting annoyed about the dumping of rubbish I realised it was a tramp sleeping in the open surrounded by all his worldly possessions.  My guess was his alcoholic haze would have worn off by the time I returned from my Saturday walk.  My prediction proved to be correct because on my return he was sitting up with his head bowed and legs crossed.  The same pose you see Australian Aborigines adopt around a camp fire.  The first shower didn’t make much of an impression but when he started to get hit with cats and dogs he gathered all his possessions and moved off.

Meanwhile Jan had seen an enormous swan carrying two men on its back.  As it passed her she was able to take a couple of photos.

Lloyd and Ollie are paddling the swan from Stoke on Trent to Oxford.  The reason for doing this is on the website “Swan Song for Sue”

we are raising funds for our local charity, pilgrims hospices, in memory of our friend’s mother who passed away untimely on 26th February 2013 at the age of 51

The aim is to reach Oxford by 14 June.  Guys, you’re in for a couple of wet days paddling.

The rain certainly put a stop to the majority of non hirer canal movement.  Oh do we well remember those days when hiring and working to a timetable.  Bloody miserable wringing cold and wet on the back of the boat because you had to be a point X by the end of the day. But it didn’t put us off narrow boating and now we can afford to wait for fine weather (we hope).

Yesterday was the first time we’ve been able to reasonably accurately work out our battery consumption using our new regime.  The domestic batteries dropped from 100% to 80%.  Previously they have dropped to low 70%.  A pleasing result.

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