Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Birmingham and a meeting

There was an email this morning from Diane (nb Ferndale) suggesting a meeting for lunch at the “Slug and Lettuce” which we happily accepted.  Then it was a walk into town for essential supplies before the chuggers (paid on commission collectors for charities) could get into position.  There’s a small Tesco in the CBD where we purchased the few essential items before walking down the into the Bullring shopping centre.  The major chain stores don’t interest us but down the steps at the back is the market area.  Which we discovered is closed on a Monday! <drat>

We walked back up into the CBD stopping in the Bullring where Jan bought a new pair of sunglasses followed by a stop at a Costa Coffee outlet for liquid refreshments.

As we walked back up the main shopping precinct Jan pointed out my clothing shop.

Nothing in my size of of interest.  They didn’t appear to stock boaters apparel!

Just as we reached Waiouru I noticed the following plaque.

231 years have passed if my mental arithmetic is correct.  Makes you want to go back and have another look at the flight.

We cleaned ourselves up and wandered off for our luncheon engagement at the Slug & Lettuce arriving fashionably late.  Actually I hate being late and it was the slow data transfer on the computer external hard disk drive that delayed us.

We had an enjoyable lunch in convivial company with Ray and Diane exchanging cruising plans and other boatie information.  It appears we both have plans of staying out on the cut this coming winter.  Should be interesting!

We’re also grateful to Diane for the lunch invitation at the Slug & Lettuce where the meals are half price on Monday’s.

I’m not sure how we were able to have lunch in the Slug & Lettuce, yet the sign stated it was a chinese restaurant?

Everyone enjoyed my joke…..

Particularly Jan, who after ordering a half of cider received a pint by mistake, and wasn’t charged for it!


Jannock said...

Welcome to Cutweb

Halfie said...

Drink half-price too, then!

Tom and Jan said...


Only Jan's unfortunately!