Monday, 23 June 2014

A change

Time to move on from the marathon splashback episode. Except I have to answer Paul’s query regarding the power sockets being upside down.  This was (of course) deliberately done to ensure the cables were pointing upwards and away from the bench top.  The idea is to provide additional cable clearance as a safety measure.   If you believe that then you probably believe in the tooth fairy!  What really happened is I refitted them upside down in error (yes… I know… amazing that I made an error.  I can’t remember the last time).  This is because the earth pin on a NZ or Australian socket is at the bottom and I just fitted then that way through habit.  It wasn’t until Jan mentioned the sockets weren’t working that it finally dawned on me they were upside down. Of course so were the switches.  Consequentially we were turning the appliances OFF to use them!  All fixed now.

The cratch and pram covers have been cleaned using the “fabsil” we purchased at Midland Chandlers in Braunston.  For some unknown reason I actually read the instructions before attempting the use the fabsil.  Well that’s not true either!  Jan read the instructions on the container and then ensured I followed them.  Neither cover looks much different, but I’m hoping it had some effect upon the waterproofing of the material.  The underside also needs a good scrub however that will have to wait until we can purchase a suitable cleaner.

Last boat task for the day was to mask up the rear doors and repaint the interior of the door frame.  There were initial signs of rust.  I think the longest part of the entire task was masking up the area.

Meanwhile Jan has been knitting and baking.  She made a mistake erred in her judgement with the knitting about 100 rows back and; being a perfectionist; has angrily pulled it apart to correct the fault.  I confess that I couldn’t even see the flaw until Jan pointed it out!  We have a batch of scones for dinner.  The cream has been flogged whipped and the homemade blackberry jam set to one side.   Not the usual scone recipe involving lemonade (no sugar or butter); something else she has dreamed up!  There’s also a date loaf for my lunch. 

It must have smelt very good because a large black labrador stuck her nose through the side hatch and despite the best efforts of the owner on the end of the leash then managed to get her two front feet through the hatch and onto the granite bench top! Smile

Not long after lunch Indigo Dream went past with Sue at the tiller.  Sue mentioned to Jan that she reads the blog.  Only occasionally if she is sensible!  I’m not sure where she and Richard were heading. Perhaps a walk along the towpath this evening might be in order.

We were just sitting down to knitting and blog post writing when a small voice was heard outside the open side hatch on the towpath side.

Child    “Mummy what are those doors for?”

Mother  “To get out of the boat if it’s in a lock!”

Not when you’re our size lady!


Marilyn McDonald said...

Jan, I note as one stroppy (read sensible) NZ woman to another, that Tom likes to lead a dangerous life with his reporting of your contributions to life aboard. I have to say I am looking forward to meeting you both ... (Note to Tom, David has always said that he wishes that men took notice of his strictures to ensure that his wife didn't meet their wives...) Hard luck, Tom, I am bent on searching Jan out ...

Tom and Jan said...

I'll have you know that Jan has given me permission to inform you I am head of the house!
PS. She vets all the blog posts..