Friday, 2 May 2014

Will it rain?


But first I must acknowledge the blog reader on nb Nancy Anne who moored behind us and on departing mentioned to Jan he reads our blog!  Sorry we didn’t get your name!

The weather forecast last night was rain for today and we were somewhat surprised to wake and find the Houdini hatches dry.  However the sky was overcast which left me in a quandary whether to apply the second coat of paint to the gunwale.  In the end I lightly sanded back the first coat and commenced applying the final coat.  Almost half way along the gunwale some fine droplets of liquid sunshine started to fall.  Do I stop or carry on?  I decided to keep going and the weather situation didn’t worsen.

I am really not a very good painter… Too impatient!  However I was surprised at how well my masked curve turned out on the tunnel band.

How the hell did we get the scratches in the cream paint?

Daniel reappeared with a package and decided to read the instructions before attempting to assemble the new BBQ.

His father would be either proud or ashamed on learning that as a male he read the instructions first!  The BBQ has a scissors action and folds flat.  Now we have something new that needs a home.

The next small task on the “to do” list was the peeling paint on the base of the opening cratch windows.

The triangular windows open inwards and are on lift off hinges.  Over the last couple of seasons rainwater has collected behind the beading and under the base of the window.  All it took was some light sanding to prepare the surfaces for another coat of paint.  The old paint hadn’t blistered or peeled. The top of the oak trim was marked because I know how bad a painter I can be!

The base of each window was then painted and left to dry on the towpath.

You can see in the above photo that I painted underneath each frame and the exterior top edge of the frame base.  By 4.00pm they were dry and reinstalled just before the first genuine shower of the day.

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