Monday, 12 May 2014

The Return

The morning was very blustery which was most unfortunate as our plan required us to move.  It was an hour to the water point above Calcutt Top Lock where we topped up the tank.  A boat was coming up with a lady on the tiller and and sole elderly man working it through the lock.  Daniel and I decided to do our good boater deed and assisted the gentleman with the lock.  Waiouru was then winded (turned) and we headed back to Wigrams Turn where we met the boat we’d just assisted through the lock returning.  The crew had winded at Wigrams turn and were retracing their steps.  To our surprise the boat had a crew of four!  Two of them must have been inside the cabin whilst Daniel and I assisted at the lock.

By 1.00pm we were at Braunston and looking for a Sunday roast lunch.  A very kind boater (who shall remain anonymous in case others want the same favoured treatment) had sent us vouchers for two free drinks at The Boat House.  Free beer…. The decision on where to eat was made for us!

I do like free beer!   Thanks for the vouchers XXXXXXXXX Smile

The pub was packed with a 30 minute wait for a table.  However the free beer made the time pass quickly.  Once seated we were informed there would be another 30 minute delay on the food due to the high demand.

Jan had the roast beef and subsequently told us it was very tasty.  The chocolate dessert was an added extra.

We’re back at Braunston because Daniel has his final three driving lessons before his test on the 23rd. After such a large and late lunch Daniel invited me to a walk around Braunston.  There can’t be much of the village that we haven’t walked.

I took a photo of Daniel taking a photo. 

Not sure what he was looking at but I was interested in the timber lintel beam.  So many of these brick or stone buildings have embedded timber lintel beams.  This is but one example.

The timber must rot away before the brick or stonework and I wonder how the replacement is fitted?

Two hire boats appeared to be in a hurry to exit the bottom lock.

Mr & Mrs Swan were attempting to feed the children by scrounging from the locals.  that’s when Daniel pulled a dirty trick on them by pretending to throw food into the water so they would come closer for a photo opportunity.  Having small heads (and smaller brains) they duly obliged!

Now for my attempt at something artistic.

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