Sunday, 4 May 2014

Saturday Walk

An 18km walk around the Rugby Radio Farm with Daniel.  All the photos are his because I didn’t want to carry the camera I’m a poor photographer.  I planned the route ensuring the gps recorded a number of public footpaths missing from the OSM.

The following is the screen dump of the planned route

And the next screen dump shows the footpaths we were able to record and upload to the OSM

I asked Daniel to take a photo of our tranquil mooring as we headed off down the towpath towards Hillmorton Lane.

Waiouru is the last moored boat.

The route was a mixture of bridal paths footpaths and B roads.  The latter weren’t as quiet as I had anticipated.

“They shall not pass!”

I was too busy either looking at the gps or the scenery to see the photo opportunities.

On one occasion Daniel told me to stop and pose.  I hadn’t noticed the traffic mirror on the barn wall.

One footpath on the way to the radio farm took us through a field of rape.

The earth hadn’t moved on its axis.  I think Daniel had more than water in his bottle!

The radio farm puzzled me.  I was expecting to see wires strung between the masts but each appeared to be independent.  My knowledge of radio transmitting and receiving is obviously limited.

Arriving back at Waiouru we found Jan had been into Rugby for retail therapy more essential shopping.  On her return she had run the engine to catch up with the laundry and charge the batteries which also ensured there was hot water for our showers.  A very pleasant day!


Peter and Margaret said...

Hi Tom,
I believe the radio masts once did suspend aerial wire, and were first installed in 1926 as part of the international wireless telegraph system. As the site became obsolete some masts were demolished, and the remaining ones are soon to follow to make way for a housing estate I do believe.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter,

Then maybe I'm not so ignorant about wireless aerials. There was a public notice tied to a pole stating a planning application for the construction of 6300 dwellings on the site had been lodged with the relevant authority!