Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Not moving!

Another one of those lovely wet English summer days and we’ve decided to stay firmly tied to the bank.

Daniel passed his driving test and I walked with him to the railway station just to ensure he left for London and his EuroStar connection! Smile

It’s going to take a few days for his licence to be delivered which means we need to wait around the general area.  That’s not an issue because we are still waiting for the galley glass splashback to be manufactured. 

This morning we made a visit to the local branch of one of those organizations responsible for much of what goes wrong in the world.  We took in a wad of surplus foreign paper for recycling.  The plan had been to hold onto it hoping things would improve. 

I managed to stop myself giggling as I watched the teller lick her fingers several times whilst counting the notes.  All I could visualize were the number of hands that might have previously fingered those notes after rubbing a camel’s backside!

Unfortunately the exchange didn’t go nearly as well as we might have hoped.  But such is life!  This meant a change to our lunch plans.  Instead of dining at one of the upmarket restaurants we opted for the local Scottish establishment.

It hasn’t been all bad news.  Jan now has an iPad Air and her previous iPad2 has been passed on to me as a replacement for that £20 7” Android Tablet!  I can’t understand why people get so wedded to electronic gadgets made by that company named after a fruit.  In the past when Jan had an “issue” with the iPad I’d tell her I didn’t know anything about the operating system.  Now I’m forced to use it I wish I’d never gone near it.  Give me Android! 

We have a very cheap HP inkjet printer which takes really expensive replacement ink cartridges.  I’m almost convinced inkjet printer manufacturers sell their printers at a loss and more than make their money selling the replacement cartridges.  But I’m digressing.  The printer has inbuilt wifi and after two years I’ve finally decided to connect the printer to the boat wireless network.  Everything went well connecting the Windows laptop.  However it was a different story with the Pear Lemon Apple iPads.  Apple use their own propriety protocol, Airprint.  The HP printer isn’t compatible with Airprint Sad smile  Eventually I found a work around using a free App.  The next problem was loading video media onto the iPad for viewing.  When you plug the iPad into the Windows laptop it’s not recognised as an external storage device.  You must use iTunes.  Even then iTunes doesn’t allow you to transfer media directly from your laptop to the iPad.  I suspect you’re expected to have purchased all your audio and video data from the Apple Store.  But I found another work around for that problem.  I find the whole damned Apple experience unfriendly! 

Tomorrow is probably going to be another boring day…….

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