Friday, 9 May 2014

More of Braunston

Maintenance day at Braunston.  First job was to walk to the small shop at the bottom lock where Jan went browsing for a canal “nick nack” (souvenir).  In the end nothing appealed and we headed in the opposite direction to Midland Chandlers.  On the list was Fabsil Universal Cleaner, oxalic acid, a replacement fascia for the Spinflo gas hob and Craftmaster boat polish.

We managed to walk out with the Fabsil cleaner (for the pram and cratch covers).  Somehow we also ended up with four pieces of plastic matting for the engine compartment floor and four rubber gunwale fenders.  Is it a coincidence that the need for fenders has occurred so soon after repainting the gunwales.

The current bottle of Craftmaster polish is almost empty and we needed more.  This resulted in another walk back to the chandlers at the bottom lock where I was able to purchase two bottles.  We still need the oxalic acid and the fascia for the hob.  More internet searching is required!

Whilst walking back from the chandlers at the bottom lock we noticed Mick (nb Parisien Star) assisting two boats.  After hurling some abuse Mick responded by telling us he would send Elly down to sort us out!

An hour later and deeply engrossed in attempting to resolve my problem with the wiring of the GSM/GPS module there was a knock on the cabin.  There was Elly!

Elly came bearing gifts.  Two bright orange mooring pin covers made by Angie of nb Lady Esther.  They are cleverly made from the orange coloured Sainsbury’s disposable plastic bags.

Jan and I both appreciate to irony in the meeting.  We had arrived in the UK some 18 months prior to Elly & Mick’s arrival to commence our life on the canals.  They have now covered more of the network than us and after recently selling Parisien Star are shortly returning to Australia.  If it were a race they would have easily beaten us!

Oh…. I never did get to finish that correction to the wiring.  Perhaps tomorrow!

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