Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hot stuff

I knew she was up for it and my first tentative embrace indicated she was hot.  The quivering ceased when I reach out around and pressed the right button.  The position was awkward and as a consequence it I now have a knot in my right calf. All this action had me hot and sweaty. Twiddling underneath resulted in a hot and wet release. But the thing that really got her going was the long drink of amber nectar.

Now I suspect your mind has wandered, but I am writing (of course) about today’s 250 hour service of the Beta 43.  After purchasing the oil and replacement filter yesterday it seemed a good idea to take advantage of today’s sunny conditions.  I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to do these engine services.  The old body isn’t as flexible as it used to be and the location of the damned oil filter is almost out of reach.  However we are now good for another 250 engine hours.  Which reminds me….. I must update the servicing sheet in the Beta Manual.

Jan and I wandered into town in the morning.  I wanted to check if my new walking boots had arrived in the shop (they hadn’t) and Jan needed to give Asda some of our hard earned money.  On the way back to the bus we stopped at Wilkinsons to buy another container of white spirits.  It’s cheaper than Vodka and tastes OK provided you strain it through a loaf of bread.  Just joking….. more touch-up painting is on the maintenance program.

Later in the afternoon Daniel and I walked to Tesco.  He needed the ingredients for an Italian dish he was planning to cook for dinner tonight whilst I wanted some distilled water for the domestic battery bank.  No luck with the latter at Tesco, but I managed to buy a large container at Halfords for 2.99.  I asked in Halfords about alternator belts and was informed they don’t stock them.  A spare belt is the last item on our list of required on board spares.

I can’t fit in there so how did the old fella in the blue boiler suit do it!.  Note the new matting on the engine bay floor.  Hopefully it will assist in reducing the need to repaint the floor.

The engine appeared to love this Golden Film.  I’m not surprised because it almost cost its weight in gold!    When the old fella got out of the engine bay I realised how he managed to fit down there.  He’s a midget!


Halfie said...

I'm slightly surprised your engine takes 20W-50 oil. I think mine needs 10W-40 (which reminds me: I need to buy some more so I can do my own oil change...)

Tom and Jan said...


I've placed myself in the hands of the chandlers. But at this time of the year it shouldn't be an issue.

Alf said...

I always get my oil from Wilkinsons, much cheaper than most places, & to be honest these Beta engines are only industrial engines tarted up !

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alf,
I believe you are correct. Actually the Beta manual doesn't specify using expensive oil but rather a multigrade CF 10W-40