Friday, 30 May 2014

Goodbye Ben.. Hello John and Judith

After the last couple of days of rain we woke to what appears to be a change in the weather.  Not sunny…. but at least dry (well apart from some light drizzle around noon).  Jan had been cleaning out the cupboards below the TV and collected a large pile of correspondence.  90% of it was to do with Ben, our first boat builder the boat thief.  There seems little point in carrying around all this documentation and the space can be put to better use.  The grass was wet and the air still. Accordingly we decided to cremate Ben. He went crackling!

Whilst the mooring is nice the moving itch was upon us and we decided to head to Hillmorton with a plan to moor above the locks.  Jan put on the first load of washing as we cruised to the water point below the locks and managed to do a second load as the tap sloooowly filled the tank.  It was only half empty but still took well over an hour to fill.  The water pressure was halved when a Rose’s Narrow boat moored to use the second tap. An Australian couple from Brisbane had hired the boat for a week and had travelled as far as Napton before heading back to the hire base.  They appeared to have enjoyed themselves despite having seen more rain during their week aboard than they had seen in five years in Brisbane. Smile

There were two friendly volunteer lock keepers working the bottom lock which was of great assistance. Jan then walked to the second lock where she discovered a boater had turned the lock in her face and started to refill it.  Not to worry… we’re not in a hurry!  The steerer was male and his wife was working the lock.  Only when Jan arrived at the lock the lady said “Youright!” and walked off leaving Jan to work her husband and boat through the lock. But rather than walk to the next lock she stood on the towpath below the lock waiting to reboard the boat when it exited.  Jan thought that was a bit rich!  Oh well… you reap what you sow…..

To my surprise there was plenty of room on the 14 day moorings above the top lock.  Usually it’s very popular.  We managed to get a prime spot where the “dot in the sky” was easily accessible.  I then walked back to the Hillmorton Canal Centre where nb Serena is currently moored having a new Beta engine installed.  Serena is owned by John & Judith, a lovely couple who we first met in this general area exactly 12 months ago.  They are in the unfortunate position of having their summer cruising plans disrupted by the unplanned requirement to replace Serena’s engine.  I managed to get a peek at the shiny new green Beta.  Apparently Beta have changed the configuration with the large alternator now positions above the engine rather than to the side.  This has reduced the overall width of the engine making it easier to install.  However it now has a higher profile!  Whilst I was walking to the canal centre Jan managed to peg out much of the clean washing on the stern rotary line.

Later in the afternoon John & Judith joined us for a long chat where we mutually agreed a number of measures to solve many of the world’s current woes.  This time I didn’t forget to take the photo.

John & Judith – nb Serena

Jan has taken a ‘Salmon Wellington’ from the freezer for dinner and we have more of the delicious home-made rhubarb sponge and ice cream for dessert.  After looking out the window I think it might be beer o’clock!


Paul and Elaine said...

Pity you couldn't have burned the real Ben!

Tom and Jan said...

Too quick Paul :-)

David said...

Hi Tom
Did you have a dance round the pyre :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hello David
Yes.... Also threw on foot of toad, eye of neut and straw dolly! :-)