Saturday, 17 May 2014


Having short and wide feet has always posed a problem for me when looking to purchase suitable sports footwear.  The problem gets compounded when manufacturers cease production of a model which fits.   In 2009 we were in the UK and I discovered Meindl made a boot which fitted me like slippers.  They felt like they had been tailor made for my feet.  I managed to get some good walks whilst wearing them in the UK but discovered to my horror on my return to South Australia that I would be in agony after wearing them for more than 30 minutes.  The problem was the higher temperatures in South Australia resulted in my feet swelling.  The boots were put in the back of the wardrobe until our return to the UK in 2011.

I’ve been wearing my Meindl Burma Pro’s on weekend walks since our return.  The soles have now started to wear which got me thinking about replacements.  The boots can be resoled for about £60 but I found a website where I could purchase a new pair for slightly more than double that price.  Rather than risk something going wrong with the uppers on the old boots I opted to purchase a second pair.  I might have the original pair resoled at a later date and use them as boaters boots.  But not at the moment because both Jan and I purchased a pair of NorthWest boots from Daventry last year.  They are significantly cheaper than the Meindl and do a good job as general boating boots, bit I wouldn’t want to walk long distances in them.

The surprise in all of this was Meindl have stopped making the model that fits me.  I suspect manufacturers supersede an existing model so they can raise the price.  Anyway, I’ve been able to find a source for the Burma Pro and have purchased a pair half a size up from the original boots. 

What i should really do is purchase three pairs of footwear when I find a model that is a good fit!

Back to the NorthWest boaters boots.  Jan and I discovered we take the same size. So how do we tell the difference between her boots and mine.

She loves her new laces.  I’d probably have a resurrection if they attempted to bury me with laces that colour! Smile

Nb Pukeko went past today flying a bloody great NZ flag.  I’ve eaten Pukeko.  It’s a NZ swamp bird.  After catching, killing and plucking it, we slowly cook it in a large pot of water with three stones.  When the stones were soft we threw out the Pukeko and ate the stones!

Nb Sanity Again also went passed.  Bruce was at the tiller and there was only time for a very brief conversation before they were out of sight.  According to Sheila Brownsover was very busy.

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