Thursday, 22 May 2014

Another idea and Dinner Arrives

Jan had another of her brilliant ideas today which saw the boat engineer and his son walk to Wickes in the rain for the required components.

On the return to the boat the King plank was measured and Jan’s idea was fitted.

You can see the chrome towel rail fitted to the underside of the cratch King plank.  Jan intends to dry the laundry on it using coat hangers and her small circular camping clothesline.  My concern was a potential headroom problem (or lack of).  However the lower foredeck meant this wasn’t an issue.

Whilst this idea has come to fruition I still have the problem with the connections for the water pump filter.  The following photo explains the problem.

I still need to find a 15mm threaded female elbow to connect the filter to the barbed connector.  In a few days we should be near a chandlery and I’ll make some enquires about potential solutions.

As I write this there is a duck rescue operation being conducted by the rest of the crew.  Mrs Dumb Duck had led her ducklings down the very narrow channel of water between the boat and the armco culvet piling.  The narrowness of the gap and height of the piling and boat meant they couldn’t fly out and the stern of the boat had closed against the piling trapping them because Mrs Dumb Duck couldn’t paddle backwards.  Loud panicking quacking by Mrs Dumb Duck alerted the crew to the problem.  Whilst the crew set off in the rain to conduct a rescue Mr Sensible stayed inside in the dry and posed an alternative solution (which was rejected). “Duck A l’Orange”!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

..any good?

Tom and Jan said...

Ideal Steve. However the postage would probably be an issue :-)

Jannock said...

We were not so lucky with stupid mother duck and her ducklings at Thrupp wharf last Friday evening.

Tom and Jan said...

Ah..... I can guess what was for dinner that night! :-)