Sunday, 20 April 2014

Where is Henry?

That was the query being loudly broadcast outside Waiouru at 3.00am this morning.  The boat behind had moored for the night on the water point immediately behind us and the “lads” had disappeared to the pub.  We were woken from our beauty sleep in the early hours by some of the “lads” wandering up and down the towpath calling for Henry.  A couple of them even wandered into Newbold Tunnel looking for poor Henry.  Did Henry have the key to their boat; were they locked out; or had he fallen into the canal?  We never did find out.

If a boat Is moored on a water point for the night you might expect it to be gone first thing in the morning.  But what you might expect and what you get are two different things.  Henry’s boat was still on the water point mooring at 10.00am and making it rather difficult for the other boats wanting water to gain access to the tap.  They didn’t look pleased….. and who can blame them for this inconsiderate act!

Making the most of the good weather we decided on a day trip to Coventry using the 585 service and our”grey power” bus passes.  I got the bus timetable wrong, but at least it gave me time to practice my photography with the new Samsung phone.

Apart from a few touristy things most towns appear to be very similar.  Jan and Daniel had previously visited the Coventry Bullring Market and knew where the “greasy spoon” could be found.

We ordered three roast pork lunches having decided we would have a light dinner tonight

The only thing small about the meals were the knife and fork!  It actually tasted very good.  I’d previously mentioned to Daniel that I’d never tried curried chips so today he surprised me with the side order.

They were rather tasty.  There will probably now be a repeat occurrence.

The major reason for the visit to Coventry was to purchase fresh fruit and veg.  Jan did this in the market whilst I wandered around with my hands firmly in my pockets.

Well the truth is nothing particularly interested me!  We had a walk around the city centre shopping precinct before catching the 585 back to Newbold.  Daniel and I then managed to settle the roast lunch with a walk to Brownsover in the early evening.  It was a bit of a check to see how many boats were moored between Newbold and Brownsover. 

Tomorrow we are going to find the old Newbold Tunnel portal.

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