Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We’re off…. But not that far!

The weather today was much more conducive for cruising and you’d almost think we had planned the start of our cruising season on a sunny day. Smile

Much of the morning was spent doing all those final jobs requiring shore power.  Jan vacuumed the carpets whilst I managed to get a first coat of Hammerite on the port side in the engine compartment.  Jan remembered we needed to switch off the 230V calorifier immersion heater thus saving the domestic battery bank from a slow death. I wanted to run the engine for an hour prior to departure just to ensure everything was OK.  We then paid the account at Clifton Cruisers and exchanged our winter mooring ropes for the cruising ropes which had been washed and then kept dry over winter. 

It was then a case of reversing back to the mouth of the arm and winding Waiouru which enabled us to head north.  Of course the moment we started to wind two boats appeared. 

The first was nb Heather Mae who called out mentioning we’d recommenced blog posts.  Sorry we didn’t catch your names and thanks for being patient.

It was only a short cruise with us mooring on the towpath side at Brownsover.  The cupboards are rather empty and we are going to take the opportunity to restock them whilst we are so close to Tesco.

I spent much of the afternoon getting the defective 12v socket on the bedroom to work.  It wasn’t as simple a problem as I’d anticipated but now sorted!

Daniel arrived from Belgium just as we were finishing dinner and I managed to convince him to go with me for an evening walk.  Not having an artistic bone in my body I followed youngest son and took photos of everything he did!

Didn’t work!

Tomorrow the port side of the engine compartment baseplate will get its second coat.  I then need to look for a circular wire brush to fit on the end of the drill.  The plan (hope) is that this will make it easier to clean the rust out of the bilge.

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