Monday, 14 April 2014

The Walk


Something I have really been looking forward to is another of those regular long walks in the English countryside. Daniel asked me if we could walk together to which I readily agreed.  Because it was my first walk after a long period of inactivity the route was shorter than usual.  However I had checked the OS website and found a length of footpath not shown on the Open Street Map.  The plan was to record this part of the walk and upload it to the OSM.

The following screen dump shows the actual and planned route.  We walked in a clockwise direction with the intention of recording the red part of the trace that cuts across the top of the map.

The first part of the route follows what appears to be an old canal arm ending at a ‘feeder’. 

A new sub-division is being constructed to the right of the red route and this is where our problem occurred.  The red route running across the top of the map had been temporarily closed by council order.

As a consequence we had to detour under the motorway and add another kilometre onto the route.

Now on the far side of the motorway

We re-joined our planned route at the junction between the red and green lines.

Where we came upon this fat and grey haired elderly man who looked somewhat lost. Smile

By heading south though the new industrial estate we were able to reach the old Central Railway alignment.

Up onto the old rail line

It’s obviously an old railway line being level and straight.

I spent the afternoon (unsuccessfully) attempting to remember how to make a black & white frame around the blog photos.  The old grey matter is struggling.  But it’s a case of “use it or lose it!” So I can’t afford to give up!

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