Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tails Up!

The morning half of today’s cruise was very pleasant but the showers in the afternoon dampened our spirits slightly.  The water tank gauge was almost showing empty which proved to be of great assistance with the pump out.  We can now see the first two inches of the top of the rudder.

Daniel took todays photos as he is a much better photographer.  Unfortunately I did the selecting for this blog post.

The dwelling Daniel and I passed on our recent walk.  This time was passed by canal. And it is named “Boat Inn Cottage”

It took almost an hour to fill the water tank, and there was no lack of pressure from the tap.  We took the opportunity to have lunch whilst the tank filled.  Then a Calcutt hireboat had excellent timing arriving only five minutes before out tank was full.

In the afternoon and at Jan’s request,  I fitted two more sections of chrome railing under the gunwale in the saloon.  This now means the railing runs the full length of the saloon gunwales.  Jan is using the area for drying the laundry.  Having the finrad heaters at floor level directly below the drying rails is an added bonus.  Actually if my memory is correct it was Diane on nb Ferndale who mentioned the idea of the drying rail under the gunwale.


Diane and Ray said...

I think I did as we have them over our radiators too. Very handy for drying the towels too. Welcome back to the UK I did enjoy your sandy tales Diane

Tom and Jan said...

It's a great idea Diane....