Monday, 28 April 2014

Sunday Lunch

The weather wasn’t very kind to us today and as a consequence only a small number of exterior maintenance tasks were completed on the boat.  During the boat design stage I was filled with dread at the thought of polishing brass and specified either chrome or stainless steel fittings.  To my horror I found the chrome mushroom vents and fairleads had tarnish on them.  The Craftsmaster polish wouldn’t remove it which meant a trip to the nearest supermarket to purchase a small container of Silvo and a soft duster cloth.  The Silvo has made short work of the tarnish but in the process of cleaning them I noticed the first signs of rust from one of the mushroom vents.  It’s adjacent to a stainless steel fixing screw.  I’ll obviously have to rectify this problem at the same time as the porthole rust stain.

Because it was Sunday morning I made the weekly call to dear old mum in Perth, WA.  She is looking after my inheritance and it’s important I regularly check that she is monitoring the stock market! Mum told me she has been feeling rather gaga for the last fortnight with blurred vision and an inability to concentrate.  Two days ago she made the unilateral decision to stop taking the powerful painkillers recently prescribed by her doctor.  The pain has returned but she reports she’s actually feeling better!

We had a mid morning boaters meeting and decided to treat ourselves to the smorgasbord lunch at the Thai Orchid Restaurant in Rugby. 

It amuses me to see a Thai restaurant located inside a Tudor style building.

My eyes got bigger than my stomach and as a consequence I had two serving of the main course and a dessert.  There was quite a queue for the food but most people wanted the roast and western food whilst the three of us are happy to eat Thai food.  I won’t say it’s traditional Thai food because it has been slightly “westernized” for the local market.

I have a sweet tooth!

After stagging back to the boat Daniel and Jan started checking their emails and browsing the web whilst I took the opportunity to closely examine the inside of my eyelids for a couple of hours.  Daniel then produced the collar and lead calling out “Walkies?” which had me bounding out of my captains chair and eager to lace up my boots.  Two hours later lunch had settled providing some capacity for dinner.

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