Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nose down or we’ll stall

We probably wont stall but the bow is very high and the stern quite low.  This is a condition we have deliberately created in preparation for the pump-out at Brinklow Marina tomorrow morning.  All three diesel tanks are full and the toilet tank is just over two thirds full.  The water tank is almost empty which has left the bow quite high.  The toilet tank outlet is at the stern so; everything going well; the trim should be very good once the tank has been thoroughly emptied.  Tank capacity is two months but we do start to get rather low at the stern when it’s full and the water tank is empty.

I forgot to take the camera with me on todays walk so the photo below was taken with the phone.

Most of today was taken up with general housekeeping and computer maintenance.  We’re off to the Barley Mow tonight for a few sherberts!

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