Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mixed Day

An early start because of an appointment with Dracula. Apparently there is some confusion regarding my blue blood and as a consequence Dr Black had decided a meeting with Dracula one of the phlebotomists at the local hospital would resolve doubts about my genealogy.  The plan was to get there early to prevent my rumbling stomach upsetting the locals.  An early appointment would also give me time for a late breakfast on my return.  It was a good 40 minute walk and on my arrival at the clinic I could see four people milling around the doorway.  Now I’d chosen Monday because I thought it would be the quietist day of the week.  Obviously the other four thought the same thing.  Then I realised the door was open and upon looking into the large waiting room it was immediately apparent there wasn’t a spare seat in the house.  I thought I’d arrive 30 minutes before opening time yet my number was 115 in the queue.  Next time I will go later and the other victims can just suffer the sounds from my vocal stomach.

Back at Waiouru I cut myself a slice of Jan’s carrot and parsnip cake (that’s two of the five daily veg covered).  Actually flour is made from wheat so that’s a 3rd veg.  Then the sugar comes from cane so the 4th veg is done.  I think I can live on carrot and parsnip cake!

Daniel wanted to take me for a walk after lunch.  We completed a reasonable size circuit ending up in the dead centre of Rugby.  That’s the cemetery found!  There are some rather attractive public footpaths behind the golf course.

Most of an old railway bridge is situated in the middle of the golf course and Daniel has admitted to a secret desire to gain access to it. The brick arch bridge is almost completely obscured by the hedge and trees in the middle of the following photo.  He is working on a cunning plan to gain access.

Back at the boat there was time to unpack the latest purchase.

Rather hard to see a black case on a black footstool.  The case was very cheap and all I really needed was the accompanying cable.  However to just by the cable was only 30p less so I purchased the entire external hard drive case.  The hard drive is out of the old laptop.  No point in wasting it and we now have an additional 500GB of available storage.

This will probably become the system backup storage drive. 

Oh….. the reason for the delayed post is there was no internet last night.  Not a case of no signal.  We had all five bars on the phone from the aerial on the roof.  But there was no available data.  I’m wondering whether that was a consequence of the school holidays or whether 3 Mobile is restricting mobile data access with their ‘Trafficsense’ software?

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