Monday, 2 December 2013

You win!

OK... enough readers have worn down my non blogging resolve.  But if you want to follow the story you'll have to go to this following link for the immediate future <link to next post here>  I hope you enjoy the journey!


Halfie said...

Thanks Tom - the first post has left me wanting to read more ...

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hi Tom and Jan

I thought that you'd want to know that when Tom's 'alternative' blog is read through the iPad RSS app FEEDLY, Tom's name and the name of your boat are displayed (and not his nom de plume). Might be worth finding out why this is happening and fix it if you want to keep the two blogs completely separate. My first thought was that you might be using the same account logon to Blogger/Google for both blogs???
This doesn't seem to be happening with other RSS feed apps such as FEEDDLER, which shows Tom's pseudonym correctly and with no mention of your boat's name.
Best wishes

Nb Duxllandyn