Saturday, 23 November 2013

Where’s the foam and a blog ‘work around’

The plan to enhance the insulation in the bedroom locker has been deferred because the aerosol of spray foam still hasn’t been delivered.  I guess it’s a result of the increased volume of pre-Christmas mail.  I really don’t want to leave the masking tape stuck to the timber for many more days as it starts to get very difficult to remove.  However at least it’s inside the locker rather than on display.  Elly (nb Parisien Star) left a comment on the last post reminding me that the foam has a habit of deciding not to adhere to overhead surfaces.  I remember this happening when I filled some of the gaps around the Houdini frames and I will need to think of an effective technique.  The bamboo knitting needles Jan ordered haven’t arrived either and she is starting to get ‘twitchy!’

Today I went back through the first blog I attempted to write.  I wrote about my four week backpacking trip through Eastern Europe and Turkey in 2006.  The blog link is here <blog link>.  It was written as a blog so I’d have a permanent record of the journey and yesterday I happened to glance at it only to find many of the photos were missing.  My guess is I accidentally deleted the links to the photo album several years ago when attempting to reorganise my data in Picasa.  Today I corrected the photo links but winced at the amateurish blog format.   However the thing that really annoyed me was the posts are in reverse order.  This is because Blogger places the most recently written post first.  This doesn’t work on my holiday blog where I need the oldest post first.  So I searched for a ‘work around’ only to discover Blogger doesn’t appear to be able to display posts in the reverse order. In the end I came up with a very simple solution.  I changed the dates on the blog posts making the first post the ‘newest’ and the last post the ‘oldest’.  Obviously the dates on the blog posts are now incorrect, but the story now ‘flows’!

This is my ‘workaround’

1.  Load your Blogger Dashboard and click on the relevant blog name to select it

2.  Click on Posts then All to list all your blog posts

3.  Make a note of the post that you want to be first then go to the post you want to be second.  Place your cursor over the post title and the options Edit | View | Share | Delete appear.  Select Edit

4.  The blog post will appear.  Over in the right column there are Post Settings including the heading Published on

5.  Click on Published on and a calendar will appear

6.  Make sure Set date and time is selected and click on an earlier date. Make sure the date you select pre-dates any of the other posts you want to sequence after this post.  Save the post by clicking the update button.  Then go on to amend all the dates of the other posts you want to re-sequence. 

Doing this enables you to get your posts into the order you want them to appear on the blog.  But of course the actual dates as they appear on individual posts will be incorrect.

There has been more progress on the porthole bung cover project.  Jan has now completed hand sewing the final bung cover for the saloon and also used the last of the material she bought from the stall in Coventry Market.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Missing Foam, Needles and DVD. That's a hat trick.

Tom and Jan said...

Also the right angle screwdriver. That makes 4

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Here is a little work around.A bit of a fiddle to set up but can give the arrangement you want.

All done by taking advantage of a quirk of blogger. All posts on a single day share a single date displayed only in the first post for that day. All subsequent posts on that day do not have a date displayed. Blogger displays posts in date/time order. Use the time function to create the wanted effect. Create a header post that carries a banner or a bit of text. Time it to 23:59 and it will always be the first post displayed. All subsequent posts can be timed into any order you like. You can even minimise the date on the first post to just a single day of the week.

Now start each subsequent post with the wanted date as a heading followed by the body of the text..


Tom and Jan said...


Can this be done retrospectively?


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Yes, it can be done retrospectively. Time and dates stamps get reset when you convert a posting to draft and the publish a second time.