Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trolley Meeting

A thirty minute walk from Clifton to the far side of Brownsover this morning to collect the Enterprise car Jan had booked for the weekend.  Actually I’m not sure if I should be annoyed or bemused about what happened with the car hire this time.  We have an Enterprise Account ID in my name and I us it to login to the Enterprise website.  Having an ID doesn’t appear to do anything special for me and after today I’m wondering if it actually works against me.  On Wednesday I attempted to book a car for this weekend using the Enterprise special weekend rates.  But the website refused the booking advising no cars were available from their Rugby Depot at the special rate.  Jan then went onto the Enterprise website using her iPad and not using my ID.  She was able to book a car at the special weekend rate!

When I arrived at the depot this morning I was advised Jan had been given a complementary upgrade to a Vauxhall Astra, diesel four door.  I’ve never been given an upgrade!  End result – Jan can book the rental cars from now on!

As I passed through Brownsover I could see there was a boaters trolley meeting underway.

Did you hear about Alan and Sally……..? Drowned in the stream behind Tesco.  Looks like they were pushed!”

“Oh dear… and on Tuesday Geoff was injured in a ‘hit and run’…. Looks like they may have to straighten his right rear wheel!” 

Meanwhile, at Enterprise I was struggling with the car.  Six forward gears….. and I’m now only accustomed to ONE!  I kept stalling the damned thing in 3rd when I should have been in 1st.  Today’s task was to reduce a very long shopping list.  By the time the bottom of the list could be seen the Astra was so far down at the stern it looked like a pump-out was required.  The poor English cows are going to have to work harder because I think we bought all their milk!

We had a reasonable lunch in the ‘Decks’ carvery in the Ricoh Arena Retail Park.

Neither of us realised it was a carvery until we were seated and a discussion subsequently took place on whether our Sunday roast lunch would be a day early this week.  We decided to stay and had an interesting meal.  I chose a gammon, chicken and mushroom pie whilst Jan opted for the roast pork.  It was one of those self-help and all you can eat affairs.  Some of the customers appeared to have huge portions but neither Jan nor I can consume large portions these days.  The meal came with a bottomless glass for the soft drinks and was very reasonably priced.  I assume ‘Decks’ is a chain or franchise?  We must watch out to see if we can find another! 

There is more shopping to be completed tomorrow and then, time permitting, we might try and see some of England not close to a canal.


David said...

Don't you get wet feet with a bottomless glass?

Tom and Jan said...

Not if you're a big sucker!

Peter and Margaret said...

Lookes like you experienced the 'new customers only' syndrome that annoys me so much and has caused me to write about in the past, relating to insurance companies and banks. Now it seems it also applies to car hire companies. Show some loyalty and they rip you off!