Friday, 29 November 2013

To Leicester….by bus!

Jan has passed through Leicester via the canal but we have never moored and had a look around the city.  Today this changed when we boarded the No140 bus from Rugby to Leicester.  Both Jan and I used our national bus passes whilst the youngest son had to pay £6 for a return ticket.  Quite right too… we pensioners need our travel to be subsidised!

I’d built up expectations by explaining we’d pass through lovely English countryside and see many quaint villages.  How wrong could I be!  The windows of the outward bound bus were filthy meaning we couldn’t see much.  The return journey started in daylight but it very rapidly became dark meaning nothing was seen on the trip home.  Perhaps next time?

On the map Leicester doesn’t appear to be very far from Rugby however it took 1hr 20 minutes.  Must have been all those quaint villages!

The first task on arrival in Leicester was to establish where the returning bus would depart from.  That done youngest son took us to lunch in a local chinese restaurant (A Taste of China).  The meal was nothing to write about.

Leicester must also be going to celebrate Christmas Smile

Jan had a browse around the Leicester Market whilst Daniel and I focussed on improving our photography.  Well; actually he is already a good photographer.  I’m the one who is cr@p when it comes to using the camera!  My problem is I don’t see the scene.  I found myself wandering around taking photos of things he was photographing saying to myself “Why didn’t I see that scene?”

Artificial flowers.  Great idea… I’d only ever need to buy them once!

This stall holder told me it would cost £10 to take his picture so I took the photo whilst he had his mouth full and then scurried off.

Most of the stalls inside the covered market building were closed and the interior had a rundown feel about it.  Jan was eyeing up the Tripe.  That’s one meal I can see myself starting a fast over.

Leicester railway station must be nearby?

You’d almost think we were back at the Birmingham German Christmas Market.

Jan swerved to the right and we found ourselves in a traditional old English sweet shop.  I noticed Jan’s nose and eyes were going ballistic as childhood memories returned. 

I kept egging her on to buy something.  However she showed tremendous willpower and didn’t purchase a single item.  But I suspect she inhaled 1000 calories!  Smile

Daniel has now left to stay with a friend in Cumbria.  I find walking in the Lake District very interesting and enjoyable.  The only problem is the weather usually closes in when I get close to the top of each hill.  My assumption is the situation would be even worse during winter.


Halfie said...

"... Leicester must also be going to celebrate Christmas ..." Or May Day?

Tom and Jan said...

May Day in November?