Saturday, 30 November 2013

Last post for winter?

We filled and emptied the tanks today.  Jan also put on a load of washing prior to us moving to attend to the tanks.  This further assisted in lowering the potable water tank and raising the bow.  First we filled the diesel tanks to drop the stern even lower.  The next task was the emptying of the toilet tank in the stern.  Phil made the comment “You must have a big tank!” and he is right.  We then reversed the 250 yards back onto our original mooring where we are once again connected to the energy umbilical cord (240v shoreline).  I then filled the water tank.  Back inside Waiouru Jan attended to the online banking and other administrative matters.  Boring old life at the moment.

The reason for starting this blog was to keep a record of our cruising so we could provide evidence to CRT of our compliance with the terms of our boat licence (ie, continuous cruisers).  Along the way it became a habit to write a daily post of our travels and we seem to have collected a few readers.  The latter is something I hadn’t anticipated.  Knowing you are there has probably kept me disciplined into producing a daily post  

Now our second winter afloat has arrived.  This time we have arranged a mooring for the next three months.  Life is mundane and boring; it seems rather pointless to attempt to produce a daily blog about a cruise that isn’t happening.  Consequentially for the next few months there will only be posts when something of interest has occurred.

Thanks for taking the time to read my daily ramblings and a special thank you to those readers who have left comments. 

Normal service will resume at some future date! Smile


Kiwidad said...

Ñooooooooo! Blog on :-) We love it!

nb Achernar said...

Will miss reading your daily blog but look forward to your return in the spring which is hopefully when our own boat will be finally ready

Tom and Jan said...

We hope the build goes well Phil

Paul and Elaine said...

Keep on blogging....I love your technical posts, I don't understand a bloody thing about them but I love reading them all the same!


Halfie said...

It's always good to read your blog posts and, like Paul and Elaine, I especially like the technical ones. So ... enjoy your winter break, but don't let your blogging fingers get too rusty!

KevinTOO said...

Looks like a winter break has been ruled out by your readers (myself included).

No hibernation for you this winter Tom, we expect at least a weekly update or else we'll go into withdrawl symptoms... LOL

Sue said...

Yes I agree, try to keep blogging, I enjoy your walks very much. Blogs can become boring when we don't move, but each winter I manage to write a bit during the week.

I keep asking my family if the blogs are boring in the winter and they say defo not!

There is always something to write about Tom even if it is just a few lines which you might think are boring, but I bet most don't!

Davidss said...

I can understand the need for a break from something that has become a 'chore', especially as it wasn't intended for us general readers.
However, I will also encourage you to continue blogging, even if it's only published once a week, say. I will also suggest that you capture items of interest or note by a few words at the time, rather than leave it until you sit down thinking 'what have we done this week', which I can only describe as a recipe for disaster.

The notes will act as an aide mémoire, and the weekly task is to edit them, by adding detail or deleting them, as seems best with hindsight, then publish.

As well as us 'unknown' readers, don't your family and friends follow the blog to keep in touch?
Should that umbilical cord be cut?
I realise that the true cord will continue with the weekly Skype call, but for the wider 'family'?


Jenny and Robin said...

Come on now Tom - we add our voices to the general consensus. You will always have plenty to comment on, we are sure. Walking, Jan's cooking, the goings on at the marina - the list is endless.
Hope you do keep up with your writing, and isn't it great to know you have an appreciative audience out there!
Jenny and Robin from Kiwiland

Catherine VK4GH said...

Would love to read every week or so about what you have seen on your walks, and quirky things of interest to your readers "down under". And of course anything technical or nerdy of interest. Thanks to your post about external mobile phone antennas, we would never have known about being able to get one for our phone. Enjoy your winter. Catherine

Judith Emery said...

I do so enjoy your blog and will miss it if you decide to leave it till spring. It's always an interesting and amusing readwhich we need in the dull months. Keep it up.

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Couldn't resist adding my penny's worth of support to all of the above. How will we winter land based folk get our canal-time fix without your blog!!
Whatever your decision - hope you have a good Christmas and New Year.

Narrowboat QISMA said...

Tom not blogging is a non starter! Just something for us to dip into please!, Jan

Sean Wiltshire said...

Guys, it has been a great pleasure reading your blog, and has really picked my interest, I will miss your blogs, but fully understand.