Friday, 22 November 2013

Hail and Tape

Jan decided we should walk the towpath to Tesco and buy a few essentials.  The weather didn’t look good and I suggested we might like to delay our departure.  In the end we decided to go leaving in very light rain.  Of course it got heavier, the wind speed increased, and then the hail put in an appearance.  By the time we reached the supermarket Jan’s trousers were saturated.  I was in better shape having cleverly walked behind her.  You will realise that with our luck we exited the supermarket to a blue sky! 

Back at Waiouru we stripped off our wet and muddy clothing and threw them into the washing machine.  A hot coffee/chocolate warmed us up before we started attending to a few tasks.  I wanted to update the firmware on the Nook eReader.  After I downloaded the new version three times and failing to upgrade the firmware I was starting to get a little frustrated.  Then after a Google search I discovered the UK Nook will not accept the firmware upgrade downloaded from the USA.  After finding a UK website and downloading the firmware everything went well and the Nook is now working with the upgrade.

The next task was to mask out the interior of the locker over our bed.  I’m going to apply more spray foam to improve the insulation and I know from our time at Aldermaston that the spray foam sticks to everything and is damned hard to remove.  It took several hours to carefully mask the interior with tape and newspaper.

There is a 2½” x 1½” rectangular groove in the existing insulation at the corner between the cabin wall and the roof.  It was left as a cable duct.  The duct is insulated with spray foam but I assume it’s a weak point in the insulation hence the cold spot which has caused a small amount of condensation to form behind the trim.

Looking up into the back edge of the locker

My plan is to fill this duct using an hand held aerosol of spray foam.  I’ll only get one chance to get this right as the foam will set in the extended nozzle of the can preventing me from reusing the can.  I’ve done this before and my major concern is the foam won’t adhere to the duct but instead drop out.  Time will tell if I can identify a good technique.

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Elly and Mick said...

Tom, Mick had the same problem when insulating around the hole he cut in the roof for the flue of our stove. Gravity wants the foam to drip down but with a bit of coaxing we got the job done. It's a messy business alright!