Thursday, 28 November 2013

German Christmas Market at Birmingham

Acting on a ‘spur of the moment’ decision we hired a car from Enterprise and the three of us spent the day at the German Christmas Market in Birmingham.  It’s an annual thing which has been going for several years.  I suspect we were fortunate to find a vacant space in the car park building having gone to the top floor to find the last few empty spaces.  There were three of us because our youngest son had come over from Belgium to join us for his birthday.

We found it an interesting stroll around the stalls looking at the various gifts and edible products for sale.

All that German food also looked rather interesting.  Each of us had white or red bratwurst in a roll  Then the other two had gluhwein ( mulled wine) whilst the driver was restricted to a hot chocolate. Sad smile

I think this was taken after the wine! Smile

Buying the food

They’re still drinking……….It didn’t take nearly as long to drink the hot chocolate!  Jan decided to purchase her mug as a souvenir of our visit.

There were a number of very useful things for sale.

Chocolate coffee pots, also chocolate mallets and taps

Really useful on the boat.  Chocolate hand tools!


nb AmyJo said...

Ah but looking at the photo of the tools there should be a warning, may contain nuts (all be they chocolate ones)

Bruce in Sanity said...

You do know not to buy cheap Christmas cake at a German Christmas market, don't you?

It's probably stollen…




Tom and Jan said...

Our cake was stollen from Aldi earlier in the week! :-)