Monday, 4 November 2013

Bung covers and time for maintenance

Jan has been beavering away hand sewing porthole bung covers using the cheap material she bought at a stall in Coventry Market.  This is a trial to see if the end product meets her high standards.

Jan is convinced the standard would be higher if she was able to make them using a sewing machine.  She’s also convinced there wouldn’t be a bleeding hole in the end of her finger from the end of the needle.  I kindly suggested a thimble might be of use and then retreated to the back cabin!

There was a break in the weather this morning which enabled Jan to put on the first of three loads of washing whilst I started sanding the rust off the port rubbing strakes.  After removing the rust I erected the clothesline on the stern and then started preparing to apply primer to the bare metal.  Of course it started to rain so not only was painting off the agenda but Jan also needed to retrieve the clothes on the line.  They got hung in the cratch whilst I replaced the good cruising ropes with two rough polypropylene ropes I made last winter from the cheap fenders we purchased.  We’ll use these cheap ropes over winter.  The good cruising ropes were then placed into an old pillowslip and put through a cold cycle in the washing machine.  They are now hanging under the pram cover to dry before I stow them in plastic bags over winter.  They will need to go somewhere warm and dry which probably means in the storage area under the back cabin bed.

Around 2.00pm there was a break in the weather which enabled me to remove everything off the cabin roof and give it a thorough clean using the bio liquid detergent purchased from Aldermaston Wharf at the end of last year.  I must have become very enthusiastic because I went on to wash and chamois dry the port cabin side.  If the rain holds off tomorrow I might be able to give it a coat of polish.  The conditions might even be favourable to paint the primer on the rubbing strakes.

On checking the engine I noticed there is a very small quantity of water in the bilge.  Hopefully it’s condensation!  I’ll have to clean it up with an old sponge and see if it reoccurs.  Now we’re on shore power there’s no plan to use the engine in the immediate future so if the water is from the engine then it most likely won’t reappear.  Actually, now the pram cover is erected and the cockpit weatherproof I should be able to spend some time in the engine bay doing some preventative maintenance.

Aaaahhhhh…… Jan has used all her sewing cotton.  She’ll have to stop! Winking smile

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Mark and Corinne said...

Wow, that looks really good Jan. I did mine on the machine and hand sewn the ends. Not sure I would have had the patience to do them all by hand.