Monday, 28 October 2013

Waiting for the storm

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered this was the weekend daylight saving ended and I'd get an extra hour in bed this morning.  Unfortunately I woke at the usual time.  However every Sunday morning at 7.30am I telephone dear old mum back in Perth, Western Australia and I thought this morning I had an extra hour.  What I'd failed to remember was each State in Australia has different time zones and daylight saving rules.  Western Australia don't have daylight saving.  It's the same time all year!  Oops... my call this morning was late.

Here we are in a secure and sheltered mooring waiting out the forecast big storm.  So far it's been the odd scattered light shower but mostly we've had sunshine?  We've chosen a mooring that runs north to south with hedgerows on both side of the canal.  There are no sizeable trees near Waiouru,  The storm is forecast to come from the west so we should be well sheltered.  The water and diesel tanks are full along with the pantry.  Oh, and the toilet tank is almost empty.  Mooring ropes are secured to firm anchor points.  The pub is nearby should we start to dehydrate!

Lunch was the Sunday roast at the Barley Mow and it's the second time we've eaten there as the food is so good.  Actually it's the best we've had since arriving in the UK!  A dessert was offered, but frankly whilst the mind was willing, the stomach confessed there was no room.  A Sunday afternoon walk seemed a good way to shake down the lunch so we wandered down to the Brownsover retail park via the towpath and linear park.  Hands were firmly kept in pockets and we returned with nothing more than we took.  A very light shower started on the way back so our timing was almost perfect.

Jan has commenced hand sewing covers for the foam porthole bungs using a length of curtain material she purchased cheaply in the Coventry Market.  The task looks big enough to keep her occupied for most of this winter.  Meanwhile I've been doing some computer maintenance which usually results in me stuffing something up and having to reinstall everything.  This time I'm trying to be particularly careful.

It's been a very quiet day and (hopefully) normal service will return tomorrow.

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