Friday, 11 October 2013

Stocking up for winter

Well the mercury definitely dropped last night.  Jan rose early (as usual) but I played possum under the duvet.  Eventually one eye opened slightly to see the small blue led switch beside the bed was illuminated.  Jan had started the Hurricane central heater.  The heater pipes under the bed and in the wardrobes quickly warmed the bedroom enabling me to rise and join her.

After breakfast we left Waiouru heading in different directions with me walking into Rugby for a dental appointment and Jan going to Tesco.  Later that morning I noticed this fellow searching (successfully) for his nuts in the park opposite the mooring.

Jan also decided to do some storing of food and made blackberry jam.  I helped with the tasting!

There should be enough here to last me through winter!

Waiouru now appears to be surrounded by boats belching smoke.  We’ve yet to fit the flue to the diesel stove which I guess means she is better insulated.

Current mooring

I went for a second walk whilst Jan finished her latest knitting.  It looks rather 40’s-50’s, or even earlier.  Another fashion cycle?

Down at Clifton Cruisers there was a boat with a very familiar blog name.  I guess Petroc is there for the winter!  Whilst walking back I came upon this local canal underpass.

I wonder how many boaters pass over it without realising it exists.  Closer to Waiouru it was possible to see what the contractors have been doing.  There appears to be a 600mm corrugate running away from the canal overflow sluice at the right end of the photo.  The pipe is running parallel to the canal.  My assumption is bank erosion may be the problem as the bank has now been re-piled.

Jan cooked the last of the sausages we bought at the Audlem butcher.  The difference between them and the sausages purchased from supermarkets is very apparent.  The supermarket sausages emit large amounts of fat and water during cooking, whereas the butcher’s sausages need a small amount of oil added to the pan to prevent them from burning.  They also have a much nicer flavour!

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