Monday, 14 October 2013

Shopping for more than food

This blog is starting to get very boring!  Actually it probably accurately reflects our current life. Smile

Now that I no longer have to hide from the CRT enforcement officer we decided to take the froggie car and do some shopping.  Being moored near a Tesco supermarket meant we could shop for items other than food.  Initially the idea was to go to Midland Chandlers at Braunston, but then we thought that can be done by boat so go elsewhere. 

Earlier in the week the dentist had asked if I used an electric rotary toothbrush or the conventional manual version.  Well I give the pegs the conventional up and down then across with the brush.  Apparently, according to the dentist, the battery powered rotary brush does a better job.  Thinking it might be more cost effective and reduce the pain level I started looking for one online.  Hell, they’re damned expensive.  Jan found one at £90 and I found another at £16.  Unfortunately mine was a child’s version.  I’m not spending any more than £20 on a toothbrush!  We went into Aldi.  I know, we weren’t going to supermarkets.  Whilst walking around window shopping Jan noticed Aldi was selling electric toothbrushes for just under £10.  Just my price range.

The fall in the mercury set us thinking about more winter clothing and as youngest son had recently visited wearing a jacket purchased from Decathalon we decided to visit the local store in Coventry.  It wasn’t until we parked the Renault in the retail park that I noticed we were actually very close to the canal.  Oops….. another mistake!  Wandering up and down the isles Jan noticed a large winter down jacket for a penny less that £30.  It was a perfect fit but in black.  They also came in blue and red but they only had the black in her size, so she decided not to buy.  Meanwhile I had stumbled upon a shower and wind jacket.  It seemed ideal for winter walks.  I could wear a thermal vest under it and provided I kept walking I shouldn’t get cold.  Last winter I wore the thermal, then a Tshirt with a plastic/nylon jacket. The jacket kept the condensation in and the Tshirt would get saturated with sweat perspiration.  Then I’d get cold.  Eliminating the cotton Tshirt and having a windproof jacket might keep me warmer.  The price of the jacket was £19.99 so it’s obviously NOT gortex or “breathable”.  I decided to purchase one.  It’s a snug fit around the buttocks and doesn’t have a hood.  However I don’t see the latter as a particular problem.

Lunch was going to be in the cafe at Marks & Spencers.  They were advertising home made Steak & Ale pies on the board outside which had pricked my interest.  I was rather looking forward to a pie when Jan returned with no food to announce she had been informed by the the cafe staff that they didn’t have any pies.  Why the hell leave the sign out the front!  Needless to say we didn’t have lunch there..

Then we went to Sainsbury’s.  I know, we weren’t going to supermarkets!  I triggered the security alarm (anti pilferage alert) walking into the store and also when using the toilets.  That’s when we discovered my new jacket had a special security tag sewn into it!  The Sainsbury’s staff kindly lent me some scissors to remove the tag.  After cruising the isles we managed to fill the back of la grenouille car with food and head back.  Did I mention the car also has a couple of nasty blind spots!

Tomorrow we should be back cruising…. Yea!

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