Monday, 7 October 2013

Newbold on Avon

It was a misty start to the morning which usually means a dry, sunny day.  The folowing two photos were taken at 7.30am.

Looking forward (north)

Looking back towards Rugby

After the standard weekly one hour Sunday morning call back to dear old mum in Perth, Australia we did a few odd jobs inside Waiouru before settling down to a mid morning cuppa. The mist had burnt off and the day was looking very pleasant.

The moorings are quiet and nice, but the major reason for being here was the opportunity to enjoy a Sunday roast lunch.  There are two canal side pubs, the Barley Mow and The Boat Inn.

Barley Mow

The adjacent Boat Inn

We opted to eat in the Barley Mow for no other reason than it was the closest.  Both of us chose the large roast which included six types of roast meat.  It was a great decision as the food was some of the best we’ve eaten since arriving in the UK.  Moreover it was very reasonably priced at less than £7 each.

Somehow I managed to force 99% of it down. Smile  After such a large lunch we staggered back to Waiouru to recuperate.  The unique sound of an old working boat roused us from our stupor and Jan looked out the side hatch to watch the boat slowly go past before breasting up against the boat ahead.  The boat was carrying calor gas cylinders and as one of our needed replacing I wandered down to enquire about obtaining a replacement.

I’d no sooner grabbed the shrapnel from Jan and lifted the empty bottle from the gas locker when a thrid customer appeared from the opposite direction.  Suddenly the canal was getting crowded.

Eventually everything was sorted and the canal reverted to its usual tranquil state.  But then I was aroused from my rest by Jan exclaiming “There’s a caravan in the cut!”……. and…. “Its floating past”.

I dragged myself to the side hatch in time to take one quick photo before it disappeared.

Well that was enough excitement for the day.  Tomorrow I’m going for a local walk to record some of the footpaths missing from the Open Street Map whilst Jan intends to finish sewing up the seams on the new jersey.

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Halfie said...

That must be at least 20 I-Spy points! I've seen Caraboats moored up, but never one with a number plate, and never cruising past. Now you'll have to spot one being towed along the road ...