Sunday, 20 October 2013

More of Braunston

Last night’s dinner of fish & chips from the Braunston Fryer proved to be very tasty but I suspect our digestive system isn’t used to more than a small quantity of fat because we both suffered in the morning.  More Jan than me, poor thing!

The day started cold and Jan ran the Hurricane central heating for an hour to warm up the boat.  Waiouru is so well insulated it doesn’t take much.  Most of the time our body heat and the gas cooking is sufficient during spring and autumn.  By mid morning it was actually very mild, then in the afternoon the sun put in an appearance.  However by 5.00pm there was a heavy downpour.  It was so strong the satellite TV reception was affected.  Four seasons in a day…. We must be in Melbourne!

Paul (nb Waterway Routes) left a comment on yesterday’s post regarding the footpath that wasn’t there.  He gave me a link to use.  I’ve been able to verify the path is in Warwickshire, in the parish of Wolfhamcote. Unfortunately it’s not possible to view the topographical information online.  If I want/need to check whether the footpath should exist I need to either go to Royal Leamington Spa or the local library.  Neither are near our current mooring in Braunston.  It will have to go onto the back burner.

Bill (blog Reader) sent us an email suggesting we consider using magnets instead of hooks to hold the rear cabin doors open.  It’s a good idea and well worth following up.  The magnet would be attracted to the steel in the hull so I wouldn’t need to fit a keeper to the hull.  However I might need some type of thin non ferrous material fixed to the shell to prevent the face of the magnet damaging the paint.  More thought required before making a decision.

In the afternoon there was time for a local walk before the rain set in.  Moored further along the canal were a couple of boats we recognised.

nb Yarwood

nb What a Lark

The following are a few photo’s from around Braunston Junction.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

For the footpath, I would just email a map extract and let the council check the map for you.

Tom and Jan said...

Unfortunately I couldn't find an email address link on the website. I'm going to have another look tonight!

Peter and Margaret said...

Tom, we use magnets to hold the rear doors open. They were in place when you lived aboard K-L. They are from a small steel aftermarket tray designed to be used inside a vehicle. They are covered in flexible black plastic, and are small discs. They have been very neat and successful and were bought at very low cost from the car accessory stall in Nantwich closed market. The trays are also used in the tool cupboard to hold small items, so nothing wasted.

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

The email address is on the right hand side of the page I linked to. It's hidden under the headings "Contact details" and "Email" ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter

Any chance of a photo so I know what I'm looking (google searching) for?

Tom and Jan said...

You're getting as bad as Jan pointing out my obvious oversights. Fortunately the website isn't loading at the moment so my embarrassment has been deferred. In my defence I must say I just read the information to contact the local parish clerk.

Davidss said...

I know you have said you will be leaving the matter of the lost footpath until 'later', but I have another website for you which may prove useful in the future. highlights Rights of Ways on OS maps.
Currently the site owner says he has no detail from Warwickshire, but as this site is a 'labour of love' by one man, and based on previous co-operation I've had from him, a direct email from you saying you are interested in Warwickshire may well prompt him to try again for the information, to your future benefit.

The only other point is the change in spelling. The spelling of the village name on my 1:25k OS Explorer is Wolfhamcote, on my more current 1:50k OS Landranger the spelling is WolfhamPcote, which is also the spelling used in the Civil Parish name, (shown only on the 1:25k scale). For future research you may have to check both versions.


Tom and Jan said...

David, Thanks for the link and information. I'll have a look and see what options are available. It will also be interesting to see if the shire respond to my query.